James E. Burroughs

Rolls-Royce Commonwealth Professor of Commerce

+1 434-243-8679
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Ph.D., Business (Marketing), University of Wisconsin–Madison
M.B.A., University of Wisconsin–Madison
B.B.A., University of Wisconsin–Madison
Areas of Expertise: 
Consumer culture
Creativity and new product development
Cross-cultural research
Impulsive/compulsive consumption and materialism
Consumer well-being
Professional Activities: 

Professor Burroughs works and teaches in the area of consumer behavior, focusing specifically on such topics as materialism, consumer culture, and consumer creativity. His interest is in the role and status people accord products in their lives and the meanings they derive from product ownership and use. He has also recently been very active in transformative consumer research, which is consumer research that examines how consumption activities impact personal and societal well-being.

Professor Burroughs has published his research in such journals as Journal of Marketing; Journal of Consumer Research; and Journal of Consumer Psychology, among others. His research has also appeared in numerous academic books such as Handbook of Consumer Psychology and Transformative Consumer Research for Personal and Collective Well-Being. He is currently an associate editor of Journal of Consumer Research and has served on the editorial review board of this journal the past 6 years. He also currently serves on the editorial review board of Journal of Public Policy & Marketing. Professor Burroughs is a past advisory board member of the Association for Consumer Research and continues to be active in this organization and other professional marketing and consumer research societies. At the McIntire School, Professor Burroughs teaches courses in consumer behavior, as well in the School’s integrated third-year curriculum (ICE). He also recently taught a course on marketing and society at HEC Paris.

Selected Publications:

“Facilitating and Rewarding Creativity during New Product Development,” Journal of Marketing, 2011 (with D. W. Dahl, P. Moreau, A. Chattopadhyay, and G. J. Gorn).

“An On-Line Process Model of Second-Order Cultivation Effects: How Television Cultivates Material Values and Its Consequences for Life Satisfaction,” Human Communication Research, 2011 (with L. J. Shrum, J. Lee, and A. Rindfleisch).

“What Welfare? On the Definition and Domain of Transformative Consumer Research and the Foundational Role of Materialism,” Transformative Consumer Research for Personal and Collective Well-Being, D. G. Mick, S. Pettigrew, C. Pechmann, and J. L. Ozanne (eds.), Taylor & Francis, 2011 (with A. Rindfleisch).

“The Safety of Objects: Materialism, Existential Insecurity and Brand Connection,” Journal of Consumer Research, 2009 (with A. Rindfleisch and N. Wong).

“Toward a Psychology of Consumer Creativity,” Handbook of Consumer Psychology, 2007 (with C. P. Moreau and D. G. Mick).

“Television’s Cultivation of Material Values,” Journal of Consumer Research, 2005 (with L. J. Shrum and A. Rindfleisch).

“Mortgage Pricing Is Based on Risk,” Equity, 2005 (with R. DeMong).

“Prepayment Fees Lead to Lower Interest Rates,” Equity, 2005 (with R. DeMong).

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