Amanda P. Cowen

Associate Professor of Commerce; William Stamps Farish Professor of Free Enterprise; Director, M.S. in Global Commerce Program

Amanda Cowen
+1 434-243-8753
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D.B.A., Management, Harvard Business School
M.B.A., Harvard Business School
A.B., Economics, Dartmouth College
Areas of Expertise: 
Corporate governance
Boards of directors
Organizational legitimacy, reputation and status
Professional Activities: 

Professor Cowen’s research interests center on how social dynamics shape judgment and action in organizational contexts. She studies how factors such as status, power, and social capital influence outcomes and decisions, particularly in the domain of corporate governance. Recently, Professor Cowen has published several studies that examine how external dependence and social capital shape interpretations and responses to governance failure. She is now at work on a series of studies focused on the adoption and structuring of CEO severance agreements. Her research articles have appeared in journals such as Academy of Management Journal; Strategic Management Journal; and Journal of Accounting and Economics. Professor Cowen also serves on the editorial review board of Academy of Management Review.

In addition to her research activities, Professor Cowen has taught courses on leadership, organizational behavior, and strategy at the Harvard Business School, the Kennedy School of Government, and the McIntire School of Commerce. She has worked with undergraduate and graduate students as well as executives from a variety of industries. Before pursuing an academic career, Professor Cowen worked as a Marketing Manager at Time Inc. in New York City.​

Selected Publications:

“Are Disruptive CEO Successions Viewed as a Governance Lapse? Evidence from Board Turnover,”Journal of Management, forthcoming (J. Marcel, A. Cowen, and G. Ballinger).

"CEO Severance Agreements: A Theoretical Examination and Research Agenda," Academy of Management Review, 2016 (A. Cowen, A. King, and J. Marcel).

“Cleaning House or Jumping Ship? Understanding Board Upheaval Following Financial Fraud,” Strategic Management Journal, 2014 (J. Marcel, A. Cowen).

“An Expanded Model of Status Dynamics: The Effects of Status Transfer and Inter-Firm Coordination,”Academy of Management Journal, 2012.

“Damaged Goods: Board Decisions to Dismiss Reputationally Compromised Directors,” Academy of Management Journal, 2011 (A. Cowen, J. Marcel).

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