Dorothy Kelly CFA teaches personal finance to fourth-year students who are not enrolled in the McIntire School of Commerce. She also serves as Director of the CFA® Program Partner Initiative at McIntire, assisting students who may be interested in pursuing careers in investments and enrolling in the CFA Program.

Ms. Kelly’s two main interests are promoting financial literacy and advancing ethics in the financial services industry. To foster and promote financial literacy and well-being, Ms. Kelly leads personal finance sessions for a variety of audiences on Grounds. To advance ethics in the financial services industry, Ms. Kelly founded Peripatos Group LLC, which develops and provides ethics education and engagement for the financial services industry.  

Previously, Ms. Kelly was the Director, Training and Outreach for the Professional Conduct Program at CFA Institute, where she developed ethics case studies and other training and educational materials and programs for a variety of audiences. Ms. Kelly also worked as a Senior Investigator, conducting inquiries into allegations of professional misconduct by CFA Institute members and candidates, and as a Consultant, providing customized research, educational materials, training, and assessments in the areas of investments, ethics, leadership, and strategy. During her career, Ms. Kelly has worked in the areas of operations, equity research, business development, and training and assessments for a variety of domestic and multinational organizations, including brokerage, venture capital, and asset management firms, as well as educational institutions. An active member of CFA Institute, Ms. Kelly has served in numerous roles, contributing to the CFA curriculum, CFA examination development, CFA examination grading process, and other initiatives.

Her work has been published by CFA Institute and Darden Business Publishing.