Natasha Zhang Foutz

Associate Professor of Commerce

Natasha Zhang Foutz
+1 434-924-0873
Ph.D., Marketing, Cornell University
M.S., Statistics, Cornell University
M.S., Marketing, Cornell University
B.S., Economics, Fudan University
Areas of Expertise: 
Entertainment marketing
Digital media
Statistical and econometric methods
Big data and marketing analytics
Professional Activities: 

Professor Foutz’s teaching and research focus on media entertainment marketing and marketing analytics. She utilizes empirical data, econometrics, statistics, and machine learning methods to study consumer behavior and firm strategy.

Professor Foutz’s research has been published in various books and leading journals, including Journal of Marketing Research and Marketing Science. She has taught core marketing management, choice modeling, and entertainment marketing at the undergraduate, M.B.A., and Ph.D. levels. She is also a recipient of the Management Science Meritorious Service Award and a number of teaching awards, including the All-University Teaching Award at the University of Virginia.

Selected Publications:

“Entertainment Marketing,” Foundations and Trends in Marketing, 2017.

“The Role of Network Embeddedness in Film Success,” International Journal of Research in Marketing – Special Issue on the Entertainment Industry, 2016 (with G. Packard, A. Aribarg, and J. Eliashberg).

“Functional Response Additive Model Estimation with Online Virtual Stock Markets,” Annals of Applied Statistics, 2015 (with Y. Fan, G. James, and W. Jank).

“Synergy or Interference: The Effect of Product Placement on Commercial Break Audience Decline,” Marketing Science, 2014 (with D. Schweidel and R. Tanner). Lead article; also featured in ISMS press release and Forbes.

"Dynamic Effectiveness of Advertising and Word-of-Mouth in the Sequential Distribution of New Products," Journal of Marketing Research, 2012 (with N. Bruce and C. Kolsarici).

“Pre-Release Demand Forecasting for Motion Pictures Using Functional Shape Analysis of Virtual Stock Markets,” Marketing Science, 2010 (with W. Jank).

"Category-Based Screening in Choice of Complementary Products," Journal of Marketing Research, 2009 (with A. Aribarg).

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