Peter H. Gray

Professor of Commerce
Information Technology

Peter Gray
+1 434-982-2696
Ph.D., Information Systems and Organizational Behaviour, Queen’s University, Canada
M.Sc., Information Systems, Queen’s University, Canada
B.Comm., School of Business, Carleton University, Canada
Areas of Expertise: 
Information technology
Social networks
Social media/social technologies
Strategic use of IT
Professional Activities: 

Professor Gray conducts research that helps managers improve their company’s performance through a better understanding of the dynamic interactions between people, technologies, and competitive strategies. His specific areas of expertise and research include:

  • How managers can harness organizational networks of collaboration to improve performance and enhance innovation
  • Collaborative impacts of social technologies that empower employees to interact in valuable new ways
  • Strategic use of information technology to change how companies compete

Professor Gray is a former senior editor at Journal of the Association for Information Systems and associate editor at MIS Quarterly, and is a regular presenter at various national and international conferences. His recent research has been conducted at a variety of Fortune 100 companies and has been published in leading academic and managerial outlets.

Selected Publications:

“How Targeted Network Investments Promote Organizational Agility,” People + Strategy Journal, 2019 (with A. Crocker and R. Cross).

"Collaborate Smarter, Not Harder," Sloan Management Review, 2019 (with T. Davenport and R. Cross).

"The Interacting Effects of Distributed Work Arrangements and Individual Dispositions on Willingness to Engage in Sensemaking Behaviors," Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 2015 (with B. Butler and N. Sharma).

“An Attraction-Selection-Attrition Model for Online Community System Size and Resilience,” MIS Quarterly, 2014 (with P. Bateman, B. Butler, and I. Diamant).

“Where Has the Time Gone? Addressing Collaboration Overload in a Networked Economy,” California Management Review, 2013 (with R. Cross).

“A Stitch in Time Saves Nine: Leveraging Networks to Reduce the Costs of Turnover,” California Management Review, 2011 (G. Ballinger, E. Craig, R. Cross, and P. Gray).

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