Kisha Lashley is the Frank S. Kaulback Associate Professor of Commerce at the McIntire School of Commerce and a Shannon Fellow at the University of Virginia. Professor Lashley is a field researcher who studies contentious practices within organizations and industries. Her research focuses on the dynamics of organizational social evaluations, encompassing areas such as stigma, reputation, and status to understand how organizations and their stakeholders negotiate shared meanings over time. Further, she is keenly interested in how organizations construct and revise their histories. Professor Lashley’s research has examined diverse industries, including healthcare, the cannabis industry, and payday lending.  

Professor Lashley has taught courses in strategic management and entrepreneurship at the undergraduate and graduate levels at Penn State University, McIntire School of Commerce, and Harvard Business School. She is an International Research Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Corporate Reputation at the University of Oxford. Before embarking on her academic career, she worked for several years coordinating and facilitating buyer-supplier relationships between major corporations and their small suppliers. She also worked as a technology transfer specialist, bridging the gap between innovative technologies and practical applications.