Kisha Lashley

Assistant Professor of Commerce

Kisha Lashley
+1 434-243-1582
Ph.D., Business Management, Pennsylvania State University
M.S., Vanderbilt University
B.S., Berea College
Areas of Expertise: 
Organizational stigma reputation and status
Professional Activities: 

Professor Lashley’s research lies at the intersection of strategic management, entrepreneurship, and organizational theory. She is interested in questions related to organizational social evaluations such as legitimacy, stigma, reputation and status, and uses mixed methods to explore those questions. Her work has been published in Administrative Science Quarterly.

Professor Lashley has taught courses in strategic management and entrepreneurship at the undergraduate level. Before her academic career, she worked for several years coordinating buyer-supplier relationships between major corporations and their small suppliers. She also has start-up experience.

Recent news about Kisha Lashley:
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