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Christi Lockwood

Assistant Professor of Commerce

Christi Lockwood
+1 434-924-5487
Ph.D., Organization Studies, Boston College
M.S., Organization Studies, Boston College
B.S., Hotel Management, Cornell University
Areas of Expertise: 
Qualitative research methods
Professional Activities: 

Professor Lockwood conducts research on the interplay of organizational and societal cultures, especially in processes of cultural entrepreneurship, collective meaning making, and institutional change. She is particularly interested in understanding how organizations and other collective actors use culture to adapt to shifting environmental demands and elicit positive social evaluations from audiences. As a field researcher, Professor Lockwood’s empirical work is situated in rich, diverse contexts, ranging from U.S. luxury hotels to the response to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. Her research has been published in outlets including The Academy of Management Annals; Journal of Management; Research in the Sociology of Organizations; Journal of Business Ethics; and others.

Professor Lockwood has taught courses in organizational behavior and special sessions on topics including leadership and historical research methods. At McIntire, she teaches organizational behavior in ICE blocks 7 and 8. Before beginning her academic career, Professor Lockwood worked in the hotel industry and in management consulting.

Selected Publications:

“‘How to Do Things with Words’: Mechanisms Bridging Language and Action in Management Research,” Journal of Management, 2019 (with S. Giorgi and M. A. Glynn).

"Varieties of Transformational Solutions to Institutional Ethics Logic Conflicts," Journal of Business Ethics, 2018 (with R. P. Nielsen).

“Cultural Entrepreneurship: Towards a Theory of Meaning Cultivation,” Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, 2018 (with J.F. Soubliére).

"The Micro-Foundations of Mattering: Domestic Traditions as Institutionalized Practices in Everyday Living," In J. Gehman, M. Lounsbury, and R. Greenwood (eds.), How Institutions Matter! (Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 48A), Emerald Publishing Group Limited, 2016 (with M. A. Glynn).

"The Many Faces of Culture: Making Sense of 30 Years of Research on Culture in Organization Studies," The Academy of Management Annals, 2015 (with S. Giorgi and M.A. Glynn).

"Staying the Same while Changing: Organizational Identity in the Face of Environmental Challenges," In R. Henderson, R. Gulati, and M. Tushman (eds.), Leading Sustainable Change: An Organizational Perspective, Oxford University Press, 2015 (with M. A. Glynn and R. Raffaelli).