Faculty Publications

Publication Faculty Author

“Next-Generation Digital Platforms: Toward Human-AI Hybrids,” MIS Quarterly, 2019 (with A. Rai and P. Constantinides).

Saonee Sarker

“Investors’ Processing of Financial Communications: A Persuasion Perspective,” Behavioral Research in Accounting, in press (with E. Hamilton).

Jennifer Winchel

“How Platform Gatekeeping Affects Knowledge Sharing among Complementors,” Strategic Management Journal, conditionally accepted (with Y. Zhang, J. Li, and T. Tong).

Jingjing Li

"Collaborate Smarter, Not Harder," Sloan Management Review, 2019 (with T. Davenport and R. Cross).

Peter H. Gray

“To Be or Not to Be Sorry? How CEO Gender Impacts the Effectiveness of Organizational Apologies,” Journal of Applied Psychology, in press (A. Cowen, N. Montgomery).

Amanda P. Cowen, Nicole Votolato Montgomery

“A Deep Learning Architecture for Psychometric Natural Language Processing,” ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS), conditionally accepted (with A. Abbasi, F. Ahmad, D. Dobolyi, R. Netemeyer, G. Clifford, and H. Chen).

Jingjing Li

“Don’t Mention It? Analyzing User-Generated Content Signals for Early Adverse Event Warnings,” Information Systems Research, forthcoming (with A. Abbasi, D. Adjeroh, M. Abate, and W. Zheng).

Jingjing Li

"The Sociotechnical Perspective as an ‘Axis of Cohesion’ for the Information Systems Discipline: Its Historical Legacy & Its Continuing Relevance," MIS Quarterly, forthcoming 2019 (with S. Chatterjee, X. Xiao, and A. Elbanna).

Suprateek Sarker

"Revisiting the Impact of System Use on Task Performance: An Exploitative-Explorative System Use Framework," Journal of the AIS, 2019 (with H. Sun and J. Thatcher).

Ryan Wright

“MobiAmbulance: Optimal Scheduling of Emergency Vehicles in Catastrophic Situations Leveraging Large-scale Consumer GPS Location Data,” ICCCN, 2019 (with Yan L. et al.).

Natasha Zhang Foutz

"Toward a Dialectical Process View of Organizational Employees’ Information Systems Security Behaviors," Information Systems Research, forthcoming 2019 (with M. Karjalainen and M. Siponen).

Suprateek Sarker

"Authenticity," Academy of Management Annals, 2019 (with K. O’Connor, B. Kovács, and G. E. Newman).

David W. Lehman

“Monitoring the Complexity of IT Architectures: Design Principles and an IT Artifact,” Journal of the AIS, forthcoming (with T. Widjaja).

Robert Gregory

“The 2018 SIM IT Issues and Trends Study,” MIS Quarterly Executive, 2019 (with L. Kappelman, R. Torres, E. McLean, V. Johnson, K. Kim).

Chris Maurer

"Managing Laggards: The Importance of a Deep Sales Bench," Journal of Marketing Research, 2019 (with R. Bommaraju, M. Ahearne, F. Kraus, and T. J. Steenburgh).

Jeffrey P. Boichuk

“A Study of Information Systems Issues, Practices, and Leadership in Europe,” European Journal of Information Systems, 2019 (with L. Kappelman, V. Johnson, R. Torres, and E. McLean).

Chris Maurer

"The Role of Affordances in the Deinstitutionalization of a Dysfunctional Health Management Information System (HMIS) in Kenya: An Identity Work Perspective." MIS Quarterly, forthcoming 2019 (with R. Bernardi and S. Sahay).

Suprateek Sarker

"Commitment and Replacement of Existing SAAS-Delivered Applications: A Mixed-Method Investigation," MIS Quarterly, conditionally accepted 2019 (with X. Xiao, S. Sarker, R. Wright, and  B. Mariadoss).

Suprateek Sarker

“Taxpayer Behavior Under Audit Certainty,” Contemporary Accounting Research, 2019 (with B. Ayers and E. Towery).

Jeri K. Seidman

"How Do Look-Back Analyses and Evidence Specificity Affect Auditors’ Planning Judgments?" The Accounting Review, conditionally accepted, 2019 (A. Backof, R. Martin, and J. Thayer).

Roger D. Martin

"Waiting to Inhale: Reducing Stigma in the Medical Cannabis Industry," Administrative Science Quarterly, forthcoming (with T.G. Pollock).

Kisha Lashley

“Is Insider Control Good for Environmental Performance? Evidence from Dual-Class Firms,” Business & Society, forthcoming (with T. Olsen, and J. Howell).

Paul Seaborn

"The Good and the Bad: Comparing Organizational Reputation, Status, Celebrity and Stigma as Positive and Negative Social Judgments," Academy of Management Annals, forthcoming (with T. Pollock, V.P. Rindova, and J. Han).

Kisha Lashley

“Social Networks and Turnover,” In D. J. Brass and S. P. Borgatti (eds.), SIOP Frontiers Series: Social Networks at Work, in press (with B. Holtom).

Gary A. Ballinger

Business Statistics for Competitive Advantage with Excel 2019 and JMP, Fifth Edition, Springer, 2019.

Cynthia Fraser

“Music with the Message in Mind: Cognitive Responses to Background Music in Advertising,” in J. Deaville, R. Rodman, and S. Tan (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Music and Advertising, in press.

Cynthia Fraser

“The Effects of Rule Complexity on Organizational Noncompliance and Remediation: Evidence from Restaurant Health Inspections,” Journal of Management, in press (with B. Cooil and R. Ramanujam).

David W. Lehman

“Revisiting IS Research Practice in the Era of Big Data,” Information and Organization, 2019 (S. Johnson, P. Gray, and S. Sarker).

Steven L. Johnson, Peter H. Gray, Suprateek Sarker

"Does Increased Hedging Lead to Decreased Price Efficiency? The Case of VIX ETPs and VIX Futures," Financial Review, 2019 (with A. Fernandez-Perez, B. Frijns, and A. Tourani-Rad).

Robert I. Webb

“‘How to Do Things with Words’: Mechanisms Bridging Language and Action in Management Research,” Journal of Management, 2019 (with S. Giorgi and M. A. Glynn).

Christi Lockwood

“Acting on Authenticity: Individual Interpretations and Behavioral Responses,” Review of General Psychology, 2019 (with K. O’Connor and G. Carroll).

David W. Lehman

“Open Media or Echo Chamber: The Use of Links in Audience Discussions on the Facebook Pages of Partisan News Organizations,” Information, Communication & Society, 2016. (with S. Jacobson and E. Myung).

Steven L. Johnson

“Institutional Logics and Pluralistic Responses to Enterprise System Implementation: A Qualitative Meta-Analysis,” MIS Quarterly, forthcoming 2019 (with N. Berente, K. Lyytinen, and Y. Yoo).

Chris Maurer

“How Targeted Network Investments Promote Organizational Agility,” People + Strategy Journal, 2019 (with A. Crocker and R. Cross).

Peter H. Gray

“Does Trading Anonymously Enhance Liquidity?” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, forthcoming (with P. Dennis).

Patrik Sandås

"Charismatic, Ideological, & Pragmatic (CIP) Leadership: A Critical Review and Agenda for Future Research," The Leadership Quarterly, 2019 (with B. Neely, J. Allen, and S. Hunter).

Jeffrey Lovelace

“Detecting Accounting Frauds in Publicly Traded U.S. Firms: A New Perspective and a New Method,” Journal of Accounting Research, accepted (with Y. Bao, B. Ke, B. Li, and J. Zhang).

Y. Julia Yu

“Sustainable Technology Adoption in the Residential Sector,” MIS Quarterly, 2019 (with P. Wunderlich and D. Veit).

Saonee Sarker

“U.S. Auditors’ Perceptions of the PCAOB Inspection Process: A Behavioral Examination,” Contemporary Accounting Research, in press (with L. Johnson and M. Keune).

Jennifer Winchel

“TheoryOn: A Design Framework and System for Unlocking Behavioral Knowledge through Ontology Learning, ” MIS Quarterly, conditionally accepted (with K. Larsen and A. Abbasi).

Jingjing Li