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Faculty Publications

Publication Faculty Author

“A Study of Information Systems Issues, Practices, and Leadership in Europe,” European Journal of Information Systems, 2019 (with L. Kappelman, V. Johnson, R. Torres, and E. McLean).

Chris Maurer

“A Survey of 21st Century PLA Military Ethics Scholarship” and “Moral Warfare: Weaponizing Ethics,” in Just War Ethics in Comparative Perspective: China and the West, Routledge, forthcoming 2020.

Mark L. Metcalf

“Admiral Liu Huaqing: Great Helmsman of China’s 20th Century Naval Transformation,” in Going Global? The People’s Navy in a Time of Strategic Transformation, USNI Press, forthcoming 2020.

Mark L. Metcalf

"The Role of Affordances in the Deinstitutionalization of a Dysfunctional Health Management Information System (HMIS) in Kenya: An Identity Work Perspective." MIS Quarterly, 2019 (with R. Bernardi and S. Sahay).

Suprateek Sarker

“Taxpayer Behavior Under Audit Certainty,” Contemporary Accounting Research, 2019 (with B. Ayers and E. Towery).

Jeri K. Seidman

“Humiliation Is Prologue: China Uses Selective History to Justify Its Maritime Expansion," Naval History, 2019. Awarded second prize in the 2018 U.S. Naval Institute Naval History Essay Contest.

Mark L. Metcalf

"Waiting to Inhale: Reducing Stigma in the Medical Cannabis Industry," Administrative Science Quarterly, forthcoming (with T.G. Pollock).

Kisha Lashley

“Is Insider Control Good for Environmental Performance? Evidence from Dual-Class Firms,” Business & Society, forthcoming (with T. Olsen, and J. Howell).

Paul Seaborn

"The Good and the Bad: Comparing Organizational Reputation, Status, Celebrity and Stigma as Positive and Negative Social Judgments," Academy of Management Annals, forthcoming (with T. Pollock, V.P. Rindova, and J. Han).

Kisha Lashley

“Conflicting Transfer Pricing Incentives and the Role of Coordination,” Contemporary Accounting Research, 2018 (with J. Blouin and L. Robinson).

Jeri K. Seidman

"How Am I Doing?: Perceived Financial Well-Being, Its Potential Antecedents, and Its Relation to Overall Well-Being," Journal of Consumer Research, 2018 (with D. Warmath, D. Fernandes, and J. G. Lynch).

Richard G. Netemeyer

“Consumer Wisdom:  A Theoretical Foundation of Five Integrated Facets,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2018 (with M. G. Luchs).

David Glen Mick

"Marketers' Use of Alternative Front-of-Package Nutrition Symbols: An Examination of Effects on Product Evaluations," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 2018 (with C. Newman, C. Andrews, and S. Burton).

Richard G. Netemeyer

“Anything but Normal: The Challenges, Solutions, and Practical Considerations of Analyzing Non-Normal Multilevel Data,” In J. M. LeBreton and S. E. Humphrey (eds.), The Handbook for Multilevel Theory, Measurement, and Analysis, 2018 (with M. Zachary and C. Moore).

Gary A. Ballinger

"Do Evaluations Rise with Experience?" Psychological Science, 2018 (with K. O’Connor).

Amar Cheema

"Disagreement about Inflation and the Yield Curve," Journal of Financial Economics, 2018 (with P. Ehling, C. Heyerdahl-Larsen, and P. Illeditsch).

Michael Gallmeyer

“Investment-Banking Relationships: 1933-2007,” The Review of Corporate Finance Studies, 2018 (with A. Morrison, C. Schenone, and A. Thegeya).

William J. Wilhelm Jr.

"Learning from First-Generation Qualitative Approaches in the IS Discipline: An Evolutionary View and Some Implications for Authors and Evaluators (Part I and Part II)," Journal of the AIS, 2018 (with X. Xiao, T. Beaulieu, and A. S. Lee).

Suprateek Sarker

"Portfolio Tax Trading with Carry Over Losses," Management Science, 2018 (with P. Ehling, S. Srivastava, S. Tompaidis, and C. Yang).

Michael Gallmeyer

“How Evaluations of Multiple Percentage Price Changes are Influenced by Presentation Mode and Percentage Ordering: The Role of Anchoring and Surprise,” Journal of Marketing Research, 2018 ( with R. Bagchi). 

Derick F. Davis

“North American Free Trade Agreement,” Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society, 2nd edition, 2018.

William J. Kehoe

"Volatility Dynamics under an Endogenous Markov-Switching Framework: A Cross-Market Approach," Quantitative Finance, 2018 (with W. Song and D. Ryu).

Robert I. Webb

"The Shackles of CEO Celebrity: Sociocognitive and Behavioral Role Constraints on ‘Star’ Leaders,” Academy of Management Review, 2018 (with J. Bundy, D. Hambrick, and T. Pollock).

Jeffrey Lovelace

Financial Accounting, 5th ed., Pearson Prentice Hall, 2018 (with J. Waybright).

Robert S. Kemp

"The Best Way to Network in a New Job," Harvard Business Review, 2018 (with R. Cross).

Peter H. Gray

"The Role of Executive Symbolism in Advancing New Strategic Themes in Organizations: A Social Influence Perspective," Academy of Management Review, 2018 (with D. Hambrick).

Jeffrey Lovelace

“When Committed Consumers Turn Against a Brand: A Psychological Contract Perspective," Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2018 (with S. Raju, K. Desai, and H. R. Unnava).

Nicole Votolato Montgomery

“Mindfulness in Information Technology Use: Conceptual and Operational Definitions,” MIS Quarterly, 2018 (with J. Thatcher, H. Sun, R. Klein, and T. Zagenczyk).

Ryan Wright

“The Collective Satiation Effect: How Co-Experience Accelerates a Decline in Hedonic Judgments,” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2018 (with R. Bhargave and J. Redden).

Nicole Votolato Montgomery

“Partial Deregulation and Competition: Evidence from Risky Mortgage Origination,” Management Science, 2018 (with M. Di Maggio and A. Kermani).

Sanket Korgaonkar

"Text Analytics to Support Sense-making in Social Media: A Language-Action Perspective," MIS Quarterly, 2018 (with Y. Zhou, S. Deng, and P. Zhang).

Ahmed Abbasi

"Linear Approximations and Tests of Conditional Pricing Models," Review of Finance, 2018 (with M. Brandt).

David Chapman

“The State of New Product Design and Forecasting Research: Recent Developments and Future Directions,” Handbook of New Product Development Research, P. Golder and D. Mitra (eds.), 2018 (with V. R. Rao).

Natasha Zhang Foutz

“Cultural Entrepreneurship: Towards a Theory of Meaning Cultivation,” Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, 2018 (with J.F. Soubliére).

Christi Lockwood

“Advanced Customer Analytics: Strategic Value through Integration of Relationship-Oriented Big Data,” Journal of Management Information Systems, 2018 (with B. Kitchens, D. Dobolyi, and A. Abbasi).

Jingjing Li

“Make 'Fairness by Design' Part of Machine Learning,” Harvard Business Review, 2018 (with A. Abbasi, G. Clifford, and H. Taylor).

Jingjing Li

"Aggregate Tail Risk and Expected Returns," Review of Asset Pricing Studies, 2018 (with M. Gallmeyer and J. S. Martin).

David Chapman

“Linguistic Tone and the Small Trader,” Accounting, Organizations and Society, 2018 (with S. Baginski, E. Demers, and A. Kausar).

Y. Julia Yu

“IT Consumerization and the Transformation of IT Governance,” MIS Quarterly, 2018 (with E. Káganer, O. Henfridsson, and T. Ruch).

Robert Gregory

"Varieties of Transformational Solutions to Institutional Ethics Logic Conflicts," Journal of Business Ethics, 2018 (with R. P. Nielsen).

Christi Lockwood