Faculty Publications

Publication Faculty Author

"First-Order Risk Aversion, Heterogeneity, and Asset Market Outcomes," The Journal of Finance, 2009 (with V. Polkovnichenko).

David Chapman

“Exploring Agility in Distributed Software Development Teams: An Interpretive Study in an Offshoring Context,” Information Systems Research, 2009 (with S. Sarker [equal authorship]).

Saonee Sarker

“Selectivity in Organizational Rule Violations,” Academy of Management Review, 2009 (with R. Ramanujam).

David W. Lehman

“The Demise of Investment-Banking Partnerships: Theory and Evidence,” The Journal of Finance, 2008 (with A. Morrison).

William J. Wilhelm Jr.

“Optimization of Wind Hybrid Energy System Design and Implementation: Case Study on the Design and Implementation of a Hybrid Wind/PV/Diesel Energy System,” World Wind Energy Conference, Kingston Ontario, June 2008.

Bevin T. Etienne

“The Timing of Industry and Firm Earnings Information in Securities Prices: A Re-Evaluation,” Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2008 (with P. Elgers, S. Porter, and L. Xu).

Susan L. Porter

“A Theory of the Transition to Secondary Market Trading of IPOs,” Journal of Financial Economics, 2008 (with W. Wilhelm). Lead article.

Zhaohui Chen

"Cycles in the IPO Market," Journal of Financial Economics, 2008 (with G. Çolak and W. Wang).

Chris Yung

“Errors in Estimating Share Repurchases,” Journal of Corporate Finance,2008 (with E. Dyl and K. Kahle).

“CyberGate: A Design Framework and System for Text Analysis of Computer Mediated Communication,”MIS Quarterly, 2008 (with H. Chen).

Ahmed Abbasi

“Affect Analysis of Web Forums and Blogs using Correlation Ensembles,” IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2008 (with H. Chen, S. Thoms, and T. Fu).

Ahmed Abbasi

“Sentiment Analysis in Multiple Languages: Feature Selection for Opinion Classification in Web Forums,” ACM Transactions on Information Systems,2008 (with H. Chen and A. Salem).

Ahmed Abbasi

"Leading for Results: Brief-but-Powerful Lessons from Katrina and Iraq," Organizational Dynamics, 2008.


Thomas S. Bateman

“Misreporting Fundraising: How Do Nonprofit Organizations Account for Telemarketing Campaigns?” The Accounting Review, 2008 (with E. Keating and L. Parsons).

Andrea Alston Roberts

“The Retail Value Chain: Linking Employee Perceptions to Employee Performance, Customer Evaluations, and Store Performance,” Marketing Science, 2008 (J.G. Maxham, R. G. Netemeyer and D. R. Lichtenstein). Lead article.

James G. Maxham III

"Disappearing Evidence of Chaos In Security Returns: A Simulation,"Quarterly Journal of Business and Economics, 1996 (with M. White).

"Disentangling Inter- and Intra-Firm Causal Ambiguity, a Conceptual Model of Causal Ambiguity and Competitive Advantage," Academy of Management Review, 2007.

Adelaide Wilcox King

"Optimizing Embedded Passive Content in Printed Circuit Boards," IEEE Transactions on Electronics Packaging Manufacturing, 2007 (with P. Sandborn).

Bevin T. Etienne

“Toward a Psychology of Consumer Creativity,” Handbook of Consumer Psychology, 2007 (with C. P. Moreau and D. G. Mick).

James E. Burroughs

“Through the Ethics Looking Glass: Another View of the World of Auditors and Ethics,” Journal of Business Ethics, 2007.

Roger D. Martin

Management: Infamous Failures, Classic Mistakes, and Best Practices,” MIS Quarterly Executive, 2007.

R. Ryan Nelson

“Estimating Gains from Trade in Limit Order Markets,” Journal of Finance, 2006 (with B. Hollifield, R. Miller, and J. Slive).

Patrik Sandås

“Auditing Fair Value Measurements: A Synthesis of Relevant Research,” Accounting Horizons, 2006 (with J. Rich and J. Wilks).

Roger D. Martin

"Which Types of Analyst Firms Are More Optimistic?" Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2006 (with B. Groysberg and P. Healy).

Amanda P. Cowen

“Audit Qualifications of Income-Decreasing Accounting Choices,” Contemporary Accounting Research, 2006 (with F. Hodge and J. Pratt).

Roger D. Martin

“Competing for Securities Underwriting Mandates: Banking Relationships and Analyst Recommendations,” The Journal of Finance, 2006 (A. Ljungqvist, F. Marston and W. Wilhelm).

Felicia C. Marston

“The Effect of Risk on Price Responses to Unexpected Earnings,” Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Finance, 2005 (with D. Chambers and R. Freeman).

Adam S. Koch

“Television’s Cultivation of Material Values,” Journal of Consumer Research, 2005 (with L. J. Shrum and A. Rindfleisch).

James E. Burroughs

“Maximizing the Value of Distressed Assets: Bankruptcy Law and the Efficient Reorganization of Firms,”Systemic Financial Distress: Containment and Resolution, P. Holohan and L. Laeven (eds.), Cambridge University Press, 2005 (with Per Strömberg).

David C. Smith

“The Impact of Bank Consolidation on Commercial Borrower Welfare,” Journal of Finance, 2005 (with J. Karceski and S. Ongena).

David C. Smith

“Mortgage Pricing Is Based on Risk,” Equity, 2005 (with R. DeMong).

James E. Burroughs

“Prepayment Fees Lead to Lower Interest Rates,” Equity, 2005 (with R. DeMong).

James E. Burroughs

“The Effect of Expiration Dates and Perceived Risks on Purchasing Behavior in Grocery Store Perishable Categories,” Journal of Marketing, 2005 (with M. Tsiros).

Carrie M. Heilman

“Project Retrospectives: Evaluating Success, Failure, and Everything in Between,” MIS Quarterly Executive, 2005.

R. Ryan Nelson

“A Discussion with Reviewers: Insights from the Mid-Year ATA Meetings,” Journal of the American Taxation Association, 2004 (with T. Omer, S. Porter, R. Yetman, A. Magro, L. Mills, R. Sansing, and B. Ayers).

Susan L. Porter

“The Effect of Banking Relations on the Firm’s IPO Underpricing,” The Journal of Finance, 2004.

Carola Schenone

“Empirical Analysis of Limit Order Markets,” Review of Economic Studies, 2004 (with B. Hollifield and R. Miller).

Patrik Sandås

“Partnership Firms, Reputation and Human Capital,” American Economic Review, 2004 (with A. Morrison).

William J. Wilhelm Jr.

“The Integrated Core Experience (ICE): Concept, Planning, Implementation, and Outcomes,” Journal of the Academy of Business Education, 2004 (M. Atchison, L. Hamilton, W. Kehoe and C. Zeithaml).

Lynn Hamilton, William J. Kehoe, Carl P. Zeithaml

“Dividend Changes and the Persistence of Past Earnings Changes,” Journal of Finance, 2004 (with A. Sun).

Adam S. Koch