Professor Kemp's areas of expertise include financial analysis, valuation, financial institutions, pensions, corporate finance, and international finance.

Professor Kemp is an accomplished scholar, conducting research and writing in the theory and practice of contemporary business. He currently is conducting research on the funding of financial institutions and corporate pensions. His scholarly works include 70 completed projects, including monographs, articles, cases, research presentations, and working papers. His work is published in, among other places, The Financial Review; Journal of Financial Research; Advances in Accounting; Benefits Quarterly; Journal of Mathematics Applied in Business and Industry; Journal of Accountancy; Journal of Commercial Bank Lending; The Journal of Bank Accounting & Auditing; and Journal of Business Economics.

Professor Kemp is an accomplished teacher to both University students and executives throughout the world. During his 30+ years at the University of Virginia, he has taught numerous undergraduate and graduate courses. His consistently high evaluations by students reflect his devotion to the classroom. This high quality is likewise seen in his teaching of business executives. He has worked with organizations such as Citibank, Navigant-Tucker Alan, Bank of America, the FDIC, the AICPA, the Siberian Banking Institute, the Barents Group, KPMG, the Russian Bankers Association, the Central Asian American Enterprise Fund, the Consumer Bankers Association, Goldman Sachs, and the Gerson Lehrman Group.