Ryan Wright

C. Coleman McGehee Professor of Commerce; Associate Director, Center for the Management of Information Technology; Area Coordinator—Information Technology; Associate Professor of Commerce
Information Technology

Ryan Wright
+1 434-924-8501
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Ph.D., Information Systems, Washington State University
M.B.A., Strategy, University of Montana
B.S., Information Systems, University of Montana
Areas of Expertise: 
IT security and privacy
Digital innovation
IT strategy
Professional Activities: 

Professor Wright is an expert in the human elements of cybersecurity, privacy, and diffusion of innovations. His research on has been funded by National Science Foundation, the Commonwealths of Massachusetts and Virginia, and other funding bodies. He has more than 60 publications as journals articles, cases, book chapters, and conference proceedings. He was elected vice president (2015-2019) for the Association of Information Systems. He was also selected to co-chair of the International Conference on Information Systems in 2021. Professor Wright has served on many editorial boards and is currently an associate editor at MIS Quarterly.

Selected Publications:

"Revisiting the Impact of System Use on Task Performance: An Exploitative-Explorative System Use Framework," Journal of the AIS, 2019 (with H. Sun and J. Thatcher).

“Mindfulness in Information Technology Use: Conceptual and Operational Definitions,” MIS Quarterly, 2018 (with J. Thatcher, H. Sun, R. Klein, and T. Zagenczyk).

"The Role of Context in IT Assimilation: A Multi-Method Study of a SaaS Platform in the US Nonprofit Sector," European Journal of Information Systems, 2017 (with N. Robert and D. Wilson).

"Training to Mitigate Phishing Attacks Using Mindfulness Techniques," Journal of Management Information Systems, 2017 (with M. Jensen, M. Dinger, and J.B. Thatcher).

“Using Expectation Disconfirmation Theory and Polynomial Modeling to Understand Trust in Technology,” Information Systems Research, 2016 (with N. Lankton, H. McKnight, and J. Thatcher).

“Influence Techniques in Phishing Attacks: An Examination of Vulnerability and Resistance,” Information Systems Research, 2014 (with M. Jensen, J. Thatcher, M. Dinger, and K. Marrett).

“Assessing Common Method Bias: Problems with the ULMC Technique,” MIS Quarterly, 2012 (with W.W. Chin and J. Thatcher).

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