Leadership Minor

The purpose of the Leadership Minor is to transform how you think about leadership and to develop the skills needed to lead people and organizations in today’s complex global environment. With this minor, you'll supplement the intellectual depth in your chosen fields of study and enhance your contributions within these fields by leveraging leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities in your work.

Application Process and Timeline
  • Eligibility: Students enroll in COMM 2600 in the spring of their second year and must be in the process of completing four semesters of full-time coursework at a college or university.
  • Timeline: The application is available Nov. 1, 2023, and is due at noon on Feb. 21, 2024. Decisions will be released on March 21, 2024.
  • Application components: The application includes 1) your academic information (transcript), 2) a summary of three meaningful activities, and 3) a short essay prompt.
Selection Criteria
  • Academic potential: Will you thrive while taking these rigorous courses and completing another major, and have you engaged academically across disciplines?
  • Commitment to individual development: Do you have a track record of individual commitment to improving your leadership knowledge, skills and abilities?
  • Diversity of experience: How have your experiences furthered your own growth? How will they contribute to others’ growth in the minor?
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Required Courses

COMM 2600 Leadership across the Disciplines (3 credits)

COMM 4620 Strategic Leadership (3 credits)

COMM 4881 Leadership Practicum (3 credits)


In addition to the nine (9) required hours listed above, students must complete two electives (6 credits).

Persuasion & Influence Elective

First, students will complete up to 3 credit hours from a list of pre-approved Commerce Communication courses focused on persuasion and influence. These courses include:

COMM 4559/4644 Persuasion & Influence (3 credits)

COMM 4641 Public Speaking & Persuasion (3 credits)

COMM 4643 Advanced Business Speaking (3 credits)

ENWR 2800 Public Speaking

ENWR 3620 (formerly 2520-005) Writing and Tutoring Across Cultures

ENWR 3900 Career-Based Writing & Rhetoric

Open Elective

Second, students will complete up to 3 credit hours from a list of pre-approved leadership electives offered at the University. Students must meet any prerequisite requirements for elective courses. Preapproved courses include:

ANTH 3275: The Corporation: History, Culture, Capital (3 credits)

COMM 3200 Project & Product Management (3 credits)

COMM 4559 Finance & Society (3 credits)

COMM 4821 Managing Sustainable Development (3 credits)

EDHS 2891 Issues Facing Adolescent Girls (4 credits)

EDHS 3250 Professional Development and Team Dynamics (3 credits)

LPPL 3450 Resilient Leadership for Teams and Teammates (3 credits)

LPPL 2100: The Resilient Student; Transition, Thriving, and Leadership (3 credits)

LPPS 7085 Modern Techniques in Finance (3 credits)

RELG 3485 Moral Leadership (3 credits)

Other relevant leadership courses may be eligible as electives if approved by the Leadership Minor Director.

Next Steps

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