The Real Estate Minor is a collaborative curriculum designed to help students from across Grounds create positive change in the built environment—the markets, human-made structures, and energy systems that define the world and our lives. The core of the minor provides an education in and experience with the data and analytical tools and techniques involved in real estate analysis, real estate investment, and land-use law.

Real estate is broadly defined here. It includes all disciplines and areas of study that contribute to the creation, operation, management, and governance of the built environment, as well as all property markets and firms. If you’re interested in cultivating a knowledge of the many dimensions of property that involve capital, buildings, firms, and communities, as well as pursuing opportunities in the financial services industry, this program may be for you.

We welcome students with diverse interests from schools across the University to the Real Estate Minor. The solid foundation in commercial real estate concepts and the interdisciplinary electives allow you to delve into subjects that align with your professional goals and personal objectives. With topics ranging from redlining and social impact to urban planning, ethics, and real estate investment, you’ll have access to rich interaction with disciplines across Grounds, including commerce, public policy, history, ethics, engineering, and design.

Specifically geared toward students interested in solving complex issues, pursuing careers, and exploring interests connected to commercial real estate, the Minor ensures that you will have the fluency to immediately participate, create value, and lead efforts for potential employers and organizations.

Application Process and Timeline
  • Eligibility: Students from any school at UVA must enroll in COMM 2700: Foundations of Real Estate Finance (3 credits) in the spring of their second year. In addition, any student applying must be in the process of completing four semesters of full-time coursework at UVA or another accredited college or university.
  • Timeline: The application is available Nov. 1, 2023, and is due at noon on Feb. 21, 2024. Decisions will be released on March 21, 2024.
  • Application components: The application includes 1) your academic information (transcript), 2) a summary of three meaningful activities, and 3) a short essay prompt.
Selection Criteria

We’re looking for students who

  • Bring passion and motivation to the study of Real Estate and its myriad applications within society
  • Are intellectually curious, question the status quo, and will draw connections across many disciplines to apply to Real Estate and the built environment
  • Desire to engage in highly analytical and rigorous problem solving and are reflective about the paths they might take as stewards of the next generation of capital, buildings, firms, and communities
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