Commerce Essentials

We're living in a world where almost anyone, anywhere can create business value using their unique talents. If this sounds like you, consider the McIntire School’s growing portfolio of Commerce Essentials micro-courses.

Created and delivered by some of UVA's and the McIntire School's most distinguished faculty and partners and specifically designed to be taken anywhere, anytime, these half-credit courses deliver bite-sized modern business content and skills to support you on your path to success.

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Classes Offered for Summer 2024

ENTP 1501 – 002: How to Find and Engage with Important People
ENTP 1501 - 003: Unlocking Social Media Superpowers
ENTP 1501 - 004: Uncovering Good Ideas
ENTP 1501 - 005: Money Matters
ENTP 1501 - 006: Business Essentials – Accounting
ENTP 1501 - 007: Business Essentials – Strategic Management
ENTP 1501 - 008: Business Essentials – Finance
ENTP 1501 - 009: Business Essentials – Marketing
Reviews From Our Students

The best thing about this course was the info and the way in which it was taught. I liked how there was an intro followed by practice problems to help me learn, and also additional resources that dove into more of the specifics of each topic if I wanted to learn more about them. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the courses work?

The Commerce Essentials micro-courses are quick, one-half-credit courses that you can complete in 8-10 hours, at your own pace. They are taken asynchronously, and after you sign up through UVA Student Information System (SIS), can be taken any time during the semester. 

Who are the courses for?

There are no restrictions on who can take Commerce Essentials micro-courses. They are designed for undergraduates who want to get initial exposure to business or brush up on business skills.

How long does it take to complete a micro-course?

It will take 8-10 hours to complete a Commerce Essentials micro-course. They are designed so that they can even be taken in one day, over the weekend, or in small bits over several weeks.

How much do the courses cost?

The courses are included in your already-paid tuition, and you can take as many as you like as long as your total course load is under the credit cap.

When can I sign up for a course? Can I do it anytime?

As of now, UVA students need to sign up for a micro-course during the normal course registration period of each semester through UVA Student Information System (SIS).

Are the Commerce Essentials courses graded?

Completion of a micro-course is on a credit/no credit basis.

How will my work in a Commerce Essentials course be assessed?

Assessments for the courses consist of some homework activities and a final multiple-choice test to complete the course.

It says this course is a “pilot.” What does that mean?

This is a brand new initiative by the McIntire School of Commerce and the University of Virginia. Each term, we add new micro-courses.

Still Have Questions?

We are happy to help you figure out if Commerce Essentials is the right fit for your academic goals, please reach out. 

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