Advertising and Marketing Association

The Advertising and Marketing Association at UVA provides students with the opportunity to learn about the advertising and marketing industries, as well as career paths in various areas of marketing, through speakers, panels, and other events throughout the year. AMA exposes its members to top careers in consumer market research, social media management, entertainment marketing, account management, creative art design, brand management, strategic planning, sports marketing, public relations, media buying, copywriting, consulting, and other major advertising and marketing careers. All students interested are welcome to join.

Advertising and Marketing Association Officers 2019-2020
​President Clarissa Ribeiro Bittes
​Vice President ​​Katherine Firschling
​Treasurer Mackenzie Zimbrick
Communications Chair Julia Frisch
Production Chair Kyle Nguyen
Social Media Chair Alexis Thorpe
Events Coordinator Maddy McDade
Sales Interest Group Evan Rottner