Alternative Investment Fund at McIntire

The Alternative Investment Fund​ is a student-run, McIntire-affiliated organization at the University of Virginia that trains young professionals for careers in investment management and other functions within the financial markets. AIF strives to expose members to the full spectrum of financial instruments and trading strategies, beyond the long-short equity model commonly employed by student investment funds. AIF deploys capital in a wide array of assets, including equities, fixed income, options, futures, currencies, commodities, and other alternative investments. ​
Alternative Investment Fund Officers 2019-2020
​Chief Executive Officer DJ Jayachandran
​Chief Financial Officer ​Rishi Pochiraju
​Chief Operating Officer Jeannie Hirsch
​Chief Risk Officer ​Han Gu
​Chief Information Officer Ryan Fulmer
Chief Marketing Officer Maria Soroka
Managing Director - Global Macro Quinn Hollister
Managing Director - Special Situations Edward Radion
Managing Director - Relative Value Aneesh Susarla