Black Commerce Student Network at McIntire

The Black Commerce Student Network at McIntire (BCSN) provides black pre-Commerce and Commerce students with the necessary support and resources to strengthen their community and ensure success at the McIntire School of Commerce. BCSN strives to address the professional needs of its members in order to build corporate leaders with an unfaltering commitment to inspire their successors.

Black Commerce Student Network Officers 2019-2020
President Latrell Lee
​Vice President Ciara Blackston
Chair of Alumni Relations Kai Millner
Financial Officer Kevin Adams
Pre-Commerce Liaison Deric Childress Jr.
Pre-Commerce Liaison Justin Ephriam
Pre-Commerce Liaison Kalkidan Woubishet
Pre-Commerce Liaison Kayla Brown
Pre-Commerce Liaison Robert Smalls IV
Pre-Commerce Liaison Alexis Goode
Pre-Commerce Liaison Kayla Kieffer
Pre-Commerce Liaison Zion Harris