Smart Woman Securities at the University of Virginia

University of Virginia Smart Woman Securities (SWS), recent winner of UVA’s Best New CIO award and McIntire's 2014 Outstanding Student Organization Award, is the UVA chapter of a national organization that seeks to educate women about the fundamentals of investment and finance. Through an intensive seminar series, investment project, mentorship program, and significant networking opportunities, SWS aims to create a cohesive, supportive environment for women to achieve financial confidence and explore new career fields. After completing the seminar series, full members of SWS have the opportunity to manage SWS’s investment fund and meet with successful investors such as Warren Buffett. By providing direct investment experience, SWS hopes to succeed in creating a community of women with greater investment knowledge and financial influence.

Smart Woman Securities Officers 2019-2020
​Chief Executive Officer Lalitha Mannava
​Chief Financial Officer Tina Gao
​Chief Marketing Officer Sandy Li
​Chief Investment Officer Crystal Zheng
​Co-Chief Research Officer Courtney Dunne
​Co-Chief Research Officer Mahathi Kambham
Chief Communications Officer Grace Miller
Chief Development Officer Rebecca Rice
Executive Assistant Brooke Meinhart