Virginia Venture Fund

The Virginia Venture Fund (VVF) provides undergraduates the opportunity to learn about the venture capital process, helps venture capital firms conduct due diligence, and invests in early-stage startup ideas. By engaging in due diligence work and actively investing alongside established venture capital firms, students obtain real-world experience that simply cannot be gained inside a classroom.

Virginia Venture Fund Officers 2019-2020
President Victoria Robertson
Executive Vice President Matthew Martinez
Director of VAccelerate Han Gu
President Emeritus Austin Burt
President Emeritus Puneeth Uttla
Vice President, Programming Ameen Al-Dalli
Vice President, Partnerships Matt Boerio
Vice President, Marketing Kunal Chandak
Vice President, Communications Naqia Zaveri
Treasurer Kyle Guzik
Executive Board, Head of Healthcare Ani Chandra
Executive Board, Head of Consumer Sarah Lewis
Executive Board, Head of Development Aneesh Reddy
Executive Board, Head of Crypto Tyler Marx