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Accounts and Systems

What Is My McIntire User Account?

As a member of the McIntire community, you are provided with a McIntire user account. The username is the same as your UVA computing ID (e.g., abc4d) and is used in conjunction with a McIntire-specific password in order to provide you with access to McIntire services such as faculty/staff e-mail, Blackboard, Zoom, Qualtrics, and McIntire's network storage locations.

Connect from an Off-Site Location to McIntire Network 

If you are attempting to connect to McIntire's network from outside of Rouss & Robertson Halls, you will need to use the McIntire virtual private network. A VPN creates a secure connection to McIntire's network that grants the user the privileges and rights that the user would experience were he or she connected to the network from within Rouss & Robertson Halls. 

After completing the steps described above, you should be successfully connected to McIntire's network. If you would like to set up an e-mail client for use with McIntire e-mail, check the How To section.  

Connecting in Rouss & Robertson Halls' to McIntire Network

If you are inside Rouss & Robertson Halls with your own computer and would like to connect to the network, there are a couple of steps to follow.

ITS has implemented a wireless network called "Welcome to UVA Wireless." Once connected to that network, opening an Internet browser will direct you to the ITS network setup utility website. This site will allow you to download a program that will guide you through an automated setup of UVA's Cavalier wireless network.
Instructions on how to connect to Cavalier (or Wahoo) are located here: