All UVA and McIntire courses are being taught online throughout the spring semester. More information can be found on McIntire's official COVID-19 page. Learn More

Facilities at McIntire

The McIntire School is located on the Lawn of UVA in Rouss & Robertson Halls, which include 16 classrooms, four computer labs, and 16 group study rooms. 

Technology in the Classroom

Teaching can take place from a lectern or a central table; both are equipped with laptop and auxiliary connections to utilize the room’s audiovisual capabilities. All classrooms have at least two widescreen projectors and a large flat-panel TV at the rear of the room that serve as a “confidence monitor.” Standard data sources include a document camera, touchscreen computer (with DVD player), and chalkboards or whiteboards. All teaching spaces have wired network connections. Several rooms are also equipped with videoconferencing and lecture capture technology.

Student desks are equipped with power strips, and all occupants can access the University's wireless network. 

Lab 300A

The third-floor computer lab has seating for 27 and houses public printers/copiers and three Bloomberg terminals. This lab is never scheduled for instruction and is always available to students.

The Chesapeake Capital Trading Room (317A)

Designed to simulate the environment of a trading floor, this lab seats 36 and is laid out in nine-seat "pods."  A total of 24 computers with dual widescreen monitors on adjustable stands allow students to work seated or standing with a wide variety of financial software applications; the remaining 12 PCs include large single screens on adjustable stands. 

The Robertson Capital Markets Room (317B)

Housing the majority of our 282-foot LED stock ticker, the Capital Markets Room seats 62 students and features large flat-panel televisions showing news and market information from around the world. 

The Emerging Technologies Lab (395)

This 42-seat lab is designed as flexible classroom environment to showcase the latest in technologies for business and education. 

Philip Morris USA Digital Media Center (250)

Designed for McIntire's marketing program, the Digital Media Center is equipped with professional printing capabilities, extensive computing power and video displays, satellite TV feeds, networks, and storage that facilitate the capture and creation of multimedia advertising. A separate workroom with floor-to-ceiling whiteboards and tack boards is used by students during brainstorming sessions and material creation. 

General Conference Room Layout

Each room contains a conference table with direct laptop connections to a large flat-panel TV. Tack panels and whiteboards line the walls. Faculty and staff may schedule rooms via Outlook or via

The Dominion Faculty Seminar Room (305)

The Faculty Seminar Room is a dedicated space to conduct meetings, seminars, and research colloquiums. With a capacity of 28, the room includes high-definition videoconferencing and touch-glass overlays.

Student Classroom/Lab Access

Computer labs (300, 317A, 317B, and 395) are unlocked Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-8 p.m., and card-accessible to all McIntire students at all other times. The Media Lab (250) is locked but card-accessible to marketing students at all times.

The following are the guidelines for student usage of classrooms as study/project spaces when available.  Please do not ask Help Desk staff to make exceptions to these policies, as they are unable to do so.

  • Classrooms are unlocked 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday-Friday.
  • The ICE classrooms (223, 246, 254, and 256) are locked but swipe card-accessible from 8 p.m. to midnight, Monday-Friday.
  • The two collaboration tables in classroom 260 are available for student booking Monday - Thursday 8PM to 4AM, and from Friday at 6PM through Monday at 4AM.
    • To use these tables, you must book them via EMS.
    • Classroom 260 will be locked at these times, but you can swipe in using your ID card.
  • All other classrooms are locked and inaccessible after 8 p.m. on weeknights, and ALL classrooms are locked and unavailable on weekends.

General guidelines for classroom / lab usage

  • Do not prop doors open at any time. This is a security concern and can also damage the door/alarm hardware.
  • No food and drinks are permitted in the labs or classrooms.
  • Do not attempt to install software or make any changes to lab or classroom equipment.
  • If you move chairs, tables, etc., please return the items to their original location when you are finished.
  • Please inform the Help Desk if there is a problem with any technology in the room.