iOS Devices: McIntire Email

To connect your iOS device to UVA wifi, please visit the iOS section of ITS' website.


Add a McIntire (Office 365) mailbox to your iOS device.


Find the Settings app, and open it by touching the app.

Scroll down and find “Mail.” Touch “Mail” to proceed to that submenu.
Touch “Add Account.”
A menu will appear with a list of email providers. From the list, select “Exchange” by touching it. 

Enter your account information as demonstrated in the screenshot.


Password: [your McIntire password]

Description: “Exchange” or “McIntire Email” or “Work Email” or whatever description makes sense to you.

If you get a prompt that says “Cannot Verify Server Identity,” touch “Cancel.”

Once successful, you will see a list of items to synchronize.  Select as many as you wish to synchronize to your device.

Once complete, touch “Save” and you will return to your list of email accounts.
If you’d like to change your mail synchronization settings, select the e-mail account you just added and change the settings as you desire.