Mapping the F and G Drives for Faculty and Staff

If you are a McIntire faculty or staff member, you have storage space on the School's network. The network location commonly referred to as the "F drive" is a secure, personal storage area to which only you have access. The G drive, on the other hand, is a common storage area shared by all faculty and staff members.

Windows Instructions to Map F Drive

To map the F or G drives, you must first be either physically located within Rouss & Robertson Halls or connected to the VPN. For instructions on how to connect to the VPN, see this page​. Note: The faculty and staff VPN installer maps the F and G drive automatically. 

Once connected, map the F drive by clicking on the Start button, selecting the Run option, and then typing the following text into the provided text box: 
        net use f: \\\files$\UserID

You can now navigate to My Computer, and your F drive should now be listed.
Windows Instructions to Map G Drive
To map the G drive, return to the same location where you previously entered the drive-mapping command and enter the following text:
        net use g: \\\FacStaffShare$ 
Mac Instructions to Map F Drive
Under Finder, select Go, Connect to server. In the server address box type smb://$/UserId. Click the plus sign to add to server favorites.
In the example given above, "UserID" is a placeholder for your actual McIntire user ID (e.g., abc4d). Don't forget to include the dollar sign after "files"!
You will likely be prompted for a password and user ID. Simply input as your user name your domain (MCINTIRE) followed by a backslash and then your McIntire user ID so that it appears as follows: MCINTIRE\YourUserID. Your password will then be your standard McIntire password.
Mac Instructions to Map G Drive
Under Finder, select Go, Connect to server. In the server address box type smb://$. Click the plus sign to add to server favorites.​
Once again, you may be prompted for credentials in order to map this drive. If this occurs, enter the same credentials you used to map the F drive above. Once this is done, you should see the G drive under My Computer or Computer.