​National University of Singapore in Singapore

Program Overview 

The McIntire School of Commerce and National University of Singapore are offering third-year Commerce students an opportunity to study international business in Singapore during the spring semester of students' third year of study. 


The curriculum is designed to provide the essentials of the courses you would have taken at McIntire during this semester, so you will not fall behind your classmates who do not study abroad. The skills you develop and the experiences you have in this program will surely be a very valuable part of your total UVA educational experience. NUS course offerings are extensive, and all Commerce students will find a good selection of courses that interest them.

Students registered in the third-year McIntire ICE curriculum at an approved study-abroad program are required to register for at least 12 (U.S.) credits at partner schools, along with 4.5 online credits taught by McIntire faculty. Courses completed at partner schools will be treated as transfer credit on the UVA transcript and must be completed with a C (satisfactory) or better to be eligible for transfer (grades are not transferred). To determine the minimum passing grade for non-U.S. grading scales, McIntire uses the World Education Services (WES) conversion chart.


Exchange students may apply for accommodation in any of the Halls of Residence or Prince George’s Park residences together with their exchange application. Rooms are allocated on the basis of availability. However, due to overwhelming response for accommodation from students pursuing full-time degree courses at National University of Singapore, please note that exchange students are not always guaranteed a room on campus. For those who are unsuccessful in their application for accommodation in campus, Office of Student Affairs (OSA) has an online Off-campus Accommodation System (OCAS) to help students search for private housing. Details can be found at the NUS website. 

Spring 2019 Academic Calendar
Jan. 10-11 Orientation
Jan. 14 First day of class
TBD Recess
April 19 Last day of class
April 20-26 Reading week
April 27-May 11 Exams
Examples of Previous Approved Courses 
​Course Title ​Transfer Credit
​Global Marketing ​COMM 3050
​Asia Pacific Business, Ethics, and Society ​COMM 3050
​Global Strategic Management ​COMM 3050
​Marketing Research ​COMM 3050
For more information, view our course planning information

This program is an exchange program, with tuition being paid to UVA. Additional information regarding details about the NUS program can be found on the NUS website.​​​