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Course Planning

Summary of Requirements

Students registered in the third-year McIntire ICE curriculum at an approved study-abroad program are required to register for at least 12 (U.S.) credits at partner schools, along with 4.5 online credits taught by McIntire faculty. Courses completed at partner schools will be treated as transfer credit on the UVA transcript and must be completed with a C (satisfactory) or better to be eligible for transfer (grades are not transferred). To determine the minimum passing grade for non-U.S. grading scales, McIntire uses the World Education Services (WES) conversion chart.

COMM 3040 will be taught in a customized format by McIntire faculty (see below), and a grade will be included directly on the UVA transcript and used in the calculation of the UVA GPA.   

ICE Requirements
  • COMM 3040: Students will be enrolled through SIS in a special 4.5-credit distance-learning section of COMM 3041 and COMM 3042 while abroad, covering finance, strategy, and QA content. The combination of COMM 3041 and 3042 will satisfy the ICE requirement of COMM 3040. 
  • COMM 3050: Students will take two additional business courses at partner schools to transfer as 4.5-6 U.S. credits. One course will be a pre-approved course in negotiations, behavioral decision making, or corporate strategy, plus one additional business course in any area of discipline.  
Concentration Requirements

Students may transfer only one course to satisfy a concentration requirement (e.g., COMM 3330 for Marketing or COMM 3200 for IT concentration requirements if offered at the partner school or submit a course description for approval). 

Global Commerce Track (if applicable)

Students may complete any regionally focused elective (beyond the ICE requirements) while studying abroad with one of McIntire's global academic partners to transfer as COMM 3828, and this will count in the Global Commerce Track.

General Electives

In addition to the above, students generally enroll in one to two electives (from any discipline) to complete a 16.5-credit semester (which includes 4.5 credits for COMM 3040 at UVA). Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of courses outside of business that relate to the language, culture, or specialty of the abroad site. Elective courses (Commerce or non-Commerce) do not require Transfer of Credit approval.

Transfer of Credit Approval
  • Non-Commerce majors/minors: Courses to be used for majors/minors outside of business must have UVA departmental approval on a McIntire Transfer of Credit form.

Note: Courses may not be used to satisfy more than one requirement. For example, a course may not be taken to satisfy the COMM 3050 core requirements and also be used as a concentration or elective requirement. Other business courses will transfer as Commerce electives. 

  • A proposed course of study is due Dec. 1 to Angie Turner in the McIntire Student Services Office, Rouss & Robertson Halls, Room 157.
  • A final course of study and syllabi for each class enrolled in are due to the McIntire School by the end of the first week of classes at the study-abroad site (email to Angie Turner at