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Estimated Costs 2019

Exchange Programs vs. Direct-Enroll Programs

This information is provided as an estimate and should be used only as a guide. Costs and exchange rates can change, and the host school is the best source of actual rates.

Exchange Programs

Exchange programs require students to pay tuition to UVA (view the program type here). Students will also have to have room and board, textbooks, and other items at the host institution, just as in Charlottesville. For sake of this comparison, costs at the host institution are assumed to be similar to Charlottesville expenses. Actual costs will vary more due to your “in-state” vs. “out-of-state” classification than for other factors. Airfare expense is not included.

Direct-Enroll Programs

For direct-enroll programs, tuition is paid to the host institution (view the program type here). Cost comparisons are made using rounded figures for tuition, room, board, books and estimated personal expenses. Airfare expense is not included.

All students will have extra expenses in the form of transportation to and from the international host institution, visas, insurance and additional sightseeing travel once you have arrived at your partner school destination.

​Partner/Host Institution ​Estimated Comparison Cost [1]
​Any exchange partner: VA resident
(UVA Estimated Expenses for a semester)
​Any exchange partner: non-VA resident
(UVA Estimated Expenses for a semester)
​Denmark’s International Study Program (DIS) [2]
(Direct-Enroll Program)
​$21,500 + COMM 3041/3042 part-time tuition rate [3] 
               + $500 ISO admin fee
​University College Dublin, Ireland
(Direct-Enroll Program)
​$18,500 + COMM 3041/3042 part-time tuition rate [3]
                + $500 ISO admin fee
​IES Abroad - Argentina/Chile
(Direct-Enroll Program)
​$19,000 + COMM 3041/3042 part-time tuition rate [3] 
                + $500 ISO admin fee

[1] Estimated costs do not include travel expenses, entertainment, etc.
[2] Extensive travel study tours included in the program cost.
[3] COMM 3041/3042 (4.5 credits), part-time per-credit-hour tuition rate: in-state rate - $714/per credit hour; out-of-state rate - $1,752/per credit hour


Students can fund their programs abroad in many ways. All Commerce students who apply to any semester-abroad course are eligible to submit a separate application for need-based McIntire private scholarships, provided by McIntire alumni and companies committed to making these types of global experiences possible. All McIntire applicants will be sent a link directly via email to the scholarship application for these McIntire scholarships within a few days after the application deadline. Decisions are made quickly, and students will be notified of their McIntire scholarship decision before the deadline for committing to the program.

In addition, the UVA International Studies Office suggests many other sources of funding for your education abroad through local, national, and international opportunities.