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Leadership Minor

The Leadership Minor is not accepting new students for the 2018-2019 academic year.


Offered to undergraduate students throughout the University, McIntire’s Leadership Minor provides students with the leadership skills they need to make a positive and significant difference both within the University and to the larger society.

We believe that leadership means solving important problems and promoting meaningful and sustainable change. Our coursework focuses on leadership that is framed by ambitious vision.  

Leading with Purpose

The Leadership Minor has been carefully crafted to help build students’ identities as leaders, transform their thinking, and give them the capability to expand the thinking of others. We teach our students to have a real-world impact through the application of their knowledge to practical projects. Our intention is that these projects are of keen interest to the students and of high value to the Charlottesville and University communities.


The Leadership Minor begins with an application process open to students who are enrolled in COMM 2600 Leadership across the Disciplines (3 credit hours) during the spring of second year. The application process is open to all undergraduate students enrolled in that second-year course whose academic requirements allow them the flexibility to take the required 15 credit hours. For those admitted to the program, COMM 2600 constitutes the first three credit hours of the program. During this course, late in the semester, the application process begins and all students in the course are eligible to apply for the Leadership Minor program.

Selection Criteria

In addition to a review of current leadership activities and plans, the application process will require a brief description of a proposed field project. Admission is NOT limited to students with the most leadership experience; students who have a demonstrated strong interest and potential for personal development and leadership are desired.


Students are required to complete the following courses:

COMM 2600 Leadership across the Disciplines

This multidisciplinary course, covering many perspectives on leadership, is open to second-years of any major.

COMM 3610 Learning to Lead (only available Tuesday evenings, spring of third year)

This course focuses on developing the skills of successful leadership and includes a written proposal for a fourth-year field-based project to be implemented during the fourth year.

COMM 4881 Leadership Practicum

This course serves as the final phase of the program, during which fourth-year students implement their projects while working closely with advisers.


In addition to the nine (9) required hours, students must complete six (6) hours from the following list*:

COMM 3200 Product and Project Management
COMM 3600/SARC 3100 Principles and Practice in Arts Administration

RELG 2630 Business, Ethics, and Society or
COMM 3810 Business Ethics

COMM 4621 Managing and Leading
COMM 4560 Topics in Management

COMM 4640 Advanced Managerial Communication or
COMM 4641 Public Speaking and Persuasion or
COMM 4643 Advanced Business Speaking

COMM 4821 Managing Sustainable Development
EDHS 3250 Professional Development and Team Dynamics
PLAC 5240 Collaborative Planning for Sustainability
PPOL 3210 Introduction to Civic Leadership
PPOL 4750 Political Leadership in American History
ROTC Leadership Courses

*Other Leadership courses may be eligible as electives if approved by the director.


The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record, found at the UVA University Registrar website, represent the official repository for academic program requirements.