Art at McIntire

In keeping with the tradition of Thomas Jefferson's model and the McIntire School of Commerce's vision of developing well-rounded students, we support the diversity of art and its interaction with commerce. The John P. and Stephanie F. Connaughton Gallery, located on the third floor of Robertson Hall, is the perfect space for showcasing art generated by McIntire and UVA students. Featured exhibits in this art gallery are on a rotating basis and contingent upon the McIntire Art and Commerce (MAC) Committee's approval.

Current Art Exhibit

Shenandoah Homecoming

Lauchlan Davis, Artist
Clare Spooner, Artist

March 22 to June 18, 2021

Lauchlan Davis' Artist Statement

Lauchlan Davis' Artist Statement

Through this series of paintings, I sought to capture the University architecture and the surrounding Virginia landscapes for each scene’s formal beauty, historical complexity, and emotional memory. The pigment, worked with a palette knife, is carefully layered, varied, and full of texture, giving the painting a vibrating quality. The thousands of vibrant paint strokes flow into and rebel against the structures they
represent. In the American South, we confront our home landscapes with our hearts both heavy and full. The ambiguities and microabstractions of painting provide the space to acknowledge both the beauty and complexity of our surroundings.

Instagram: @lauchlan_artist

McIntire Juried Photography Exhibit

The 2018-2019 photography exhibit is on display in the 200-level hallways of Rouss & Robertson Halls. The committee unveiled its first juried photography exhibit, which features photography by McIntire faculty, staff, and students, in August 2010.

McIntire Art Committee Members
  • Courtney Beach

  • Karin Bonding, Co-Chair

  • Emma Candelier

  • Cynthia Flannery

  • Karen Gellner 
  • Al Hoover
  • Susan Howell
  • Dot Kelly
  • Pam Malester (guest member)

  • George Sampson (A&S faculty member)

  • Minal Shah

  • Rob Tharpe, Co-Chair