Art at McIntire

Art at McIntire

In keeping with the tradition of Thomas Jefferson's model and the McIntire School of Commerce's vision of developing well-rounded students, we support the diversity of art and its interaction with commerce. The John P. and Stephanie F. Connaughton Gallery, located on the third floor of Robertson Hall, is the perfect space for showcasing art generated by McIntire and UVA students. Featured exhibits in this art gallery are on a rotating basis and contingent upon the McIntire Art and Commerce (MAC) Committee's approval.

Current Art Exhibit: Seasons of Color and Light

Kendall Cox, Artist
Linda Staiger, Artist

Aug. 9 to Dec. 12, 2019
8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

Opening Reception
Thursday, Sept. 5, 2019
4:30-6:30 p.m.

Kendall Cox's Artist Statement

Dusk in the field. The heartaching movement again. Mixed murmurations roll off the horizon. Starlings, grackles, red-winged blackbirds, brown-headed cowbirds. Barely alighting before rising. They say it’s self-protection.

Beauty intimidates.

“Perhaps it is better / if the jubilee of small birds / dies down, swallowed in the sky...” (Montale, The Lemon Trees).

Rain clears. In the great dead oak, vultures preen for flight and forage. Songless. Undertaking long, thankless, indispensable lives. They are called Cathartes Aura, “cleansing breeze.” Gravitas in their gatherings: venue, wake, kettle, volt.

Crows commute west to the city in the morning, east to roost in the evening. Black portals in the oppressive gray sky, they do not swarm and swirl. Only onward, onward. No gratuity. Straight and vigilant. After watching from lines, sorting waste, stealing. Everything is serious. Everything is play.

Inhabiting the above and between, birds in flight evoke the liminal, the impossible. Only the broken-winged sparrow reminds us: birds do not have hands.

Seagulls colonize the coast. Their squawking graciously muffled by the crush of wind and spray. Even gulls mate for life, or suffer. Nest, scavenge, hover in the salty headwind over dark capping waves.

Now we will find the child “painting a bird with wings / wide enough to cover two roofs at once” (Naomi Shihab Nye, “Jerusalem”).

Kendall Cox is a local artist, born and raised in Charlottesville. She studied Religion and Studio Art at Wake Forest University. After several years in Vancouver, she returned to complete her Ph.D. in Religious Studies at UVA, where she has been teaching ever since. Kendall has remained active in the arts community as a painter and printmaker. Originally trained in oil, in recent years, she began working in acrylic on canvas and experimenting with gouache, ink, and collage on paper and board.​

Linda Staiger's Artist Statement

Linda Staiger was a surgeon for many years. She developed a love of landscapes and began learning to paint. After retiring, she had the experience of watching a loved one declining daily and found refuge in the rhythms of nature: the miraculous order of living things, the energy of change, flowing water, and mountains turning to sand. She tries to hold onto that serenity and awe when in the studio painting.

Linda is determined to dedicate herself to promoting goodwill, waking every day thinking how to align actions with the goals of continuing to live fully, of being at peace with others, and of encouraging tranquility and compassion.

Her paintings are representational so the viewer can have a sense of place, somewhere in which they themselves could be. She desires the viewer feel a sense of calmness and refuge, a moment of peace.

In addition to painting, Linda holds several positions of leadership in her community. She is head of an event, All Voices Singing, president of the Fluvanna Leadership Alumni Group, and a member of the Executive Board of the Fluvanna Leadership Development Program. She is a widow and cares for her 97-year-old father. Linda loves kayaking, mountain backpacking, gardening, sewing, and knitting.

McIntire Juried Photography Exhibit

The 2018-2019 photography exhibit is on display in the 200-level hallways of Rouss & Robertson Halls. The committee unveiled its first juried photography exhibit, which features photography by McIntire faculty, staff, and students, in August 2010.

McIntire Art Committee Members

Courtney Beach
Karin Bonding
Emma Candelier
Cynthia Flannery
Karen Gellner 
Al Hoover
Susan Howell
Dot Kelly
Pam Malester (guest member)
George Sampson (A&S faculty member)
Minal Shah
Rob Tharpe, co-chair