Art at McIntire

Art at McIntire

In keeping with the tradition of Thomas Jefferson's model and the McIntire School of Commerce's vision of developing well-rounded students, we support the diversity of art and its interaction with commerce. The John P. and Stephanie F. Connaughton Gallery, located on the third floor of Robertson Hall, is the perfect space for showcasing art generated by McIntire and UVA students. Featured exhibits in this art gallery are on a rotating basis and contingent upon the McIntire Art and Commerce (MAC) Committee's approval. 

Current Art Exhibits

The McIntire Art and Commerce Committee present "Russ Warren: Medium as Metaphor-Explorations with Livestock Markers," a collection of work by a local Charlottesville artist. The exhibition will be on view through March 27, 2015, in the John P. and Stephanie F. Connaughton Gallery, located on the third floor of the McIntire School's Robertson Hall.

Since the early '70s, Russ Warren has been producing a large body of work greatly influenced by Spanish painters Velázquez, Goya, and Picasso, as well as folk art from Mexico and the American Southwest. He has exhibited extensively both in the United States and abroad, most notably at the Whitney Biennial and the Venice Biennial in the '80s. Warren can most often be seen working with large paintings, which require a great deal of time; however, it was in the middle of such a work that he received the inspiration for his newest series. A student brought Warren a bag of Livestock Markers, which he states had immediate and tantalizing results. Shaped like giant oil crayons, the markers’ colors are bright, eye-catching, and richly surfaced. Using acrylic as a base, he draws wildly with these new tools, sometimes embellishing their color and surface with oil crayon. Warren believes the new technique opens new vistas for him and his imagery, while simultaneously allowing him to reveal two of his favorite influences, Picasso and Dubuffet.

McIntire Juried Photography Exhibit

The committee unveiled its first juried photography exhibit, which features photography by McIntire faculty, staff, and students, in August 2010. The 2014 exhibit is on display in the 200-level of Rouss & Robertson Halls. New to this year's exhibit are six photographs selected by the MAC interns to showcase. The photographs, located on Rouss Hall's fourth floor, are by Jack Armstrong, Veronica Correa, Faby Chaillo, and Carol Yicheng Zhang.

A call for 2015 submissions will be made in early May 2015. 

McIntire Art Committee Members

Sally Armentrout
Karin Bonding
Melissa Brashear (A&S student representative)
Sigrid Dilley (A&S student respresentative)
Peggy Ehrenberg
Susan Howell
Kieran O'Connor
Sarah Ritzer
Ellen Rozan
Hagan Rushton (McIntire student representative)
George Sampson (A&S faculty member)
Justin Schultz (McIntire student representative)
Rob Tharpe
Angie Turner