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Art at McIntire

Art at McIntire

In keeping with the tradition of Thomas Jefferson's model and the McIntire School of Commerce's vision of developing well-rounded students, we support the diversity of art and its interaction with commerce. The John P. and Stephanie F. Connaughton Gallery, located on the third floor of Robertson Hall, is the perfect space for showcasing art generated by McIntire and UVA students. Featured exhibits in this art gallery are on a rotating basis and contingent upon the McIntire Art and Commerce (MAC) Committee's approval.

Current Art Exhibit: Encrypted Metamorphosis

Deborah Davis, Artist
Craig Snodgrass, Artist

Jan. 13 to March 6, 2020
8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

Opening Reception
Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020
4:30-6:30 p.m.

Deborah Davis's Artist Statement

Moths are nocturnal creatures and so are inherently mysterious. Since their intricate patterns and colors are rarely observed in casual encounters at the porch light, I paint them large. It is intimate. I have encountered each of these moths at my home near Charlottesville, VA. They are collected, and then they spend the night in my refrigerator in order to slow them down for their photo shoot the next day. Afterward each is released in excellent condition. There are thousands of species of moths locally, and I am looking forward to painting their nearly endless variety. You can find me any warm night hovering in the lure of the light, just like the moths.

A Mary Oliver quote:
Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.

Craig Snodgrass's Artist Statement

Have we reached the singularity and not realized it? Instead of chrome skull-faced automatons hell-bent on the destruction of humanity, maybe it arrived in the form of clever algorithms. Algorithms that have sprung from the confines of the machine and made the leap, manipulating us in real life. Propaganda spreads and leads to massacres and social upheaval. Instagram influencers bow to the algorithm, altering their appearance in an accelerated (un)natural selection process. It makes one wonder who’s in control of the machine. Since the dawn of time humanity has altered and evolved due to physical changes in our environment. Now for the first time I think our metamorphosis will come from the digital realm, brought on by social engineering, propaganda, fake news, data manipulation, social media likes and upvotes.

Most of the works in this show are a reflection of our collective experience living in peak information overload. Solid thoughts becoming scrambled as we race to scroll to the bottom of our feed. Headlines and captions bring us feelings of joy, dread, nostalgia, and fear, all while we wait in line at the bank, and just at the edges of reality things are starting to glitch.

McIntire Juried Photography Exhibit

The 2018-2019 photography exhibit is on display in the 200-level hallways of Rouss & Robertson Halls. The committee unveiled its first juried photography exhibit, which features photography by McIntire faculty, staff, and students, in August 2010.

McIntire Art Committee Members

Courtney Beach
Karin Bonding
Emma Candelier
Cynthia Flannery
Karen Gellner 
Al Hoover
Susan Howell
Dot Kelly
Pam Malester (guest member)
George Sampson (A&S faculty member)
Minal Shah
Rob Tharpe, co-chair