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Are you looking to build relationships, grow professionally, and expand your perspective? Do you seek an open space in which to raise issues, tackle challenges, and explore and nurture your professional goals? Mentoring is about sharing knowledge and expertise in a way that benefits both participants. Having a mentor is a great opportunity to brush up on specific skills, get feedback, learn about industries and companies of interest, and make new connections.

Best Practices
  • Remember that mentoring relationships are a professional commitment and that strong mentoring relationships are built on collaboration and a commitment to professional development.
  • Set expectations with your mentor early, including preferred communication methods, how often you will meet, and your goals.
  • Prepare diligently for each meeting. Come with questions and discussion points ready so that you maximize your time with your mentor.
  • Always remember to express your appreciation for your mentor's guidance and time. Handwritten thank-you notes and occasional updates at the conclusion of the mentorship show that you value and appreciate your mentor's investment in you.
Mentoring Programs

From academic-year-long mentorships to one-time conversations, McIntire and UVA offer several programs that can help you develop these collaborative partnerships and gain valuable career planning insights. The following mentoring programs differ in eligibility requirements and duration, so please review each closely for more information and reach out to listed contacts with questions.

MYAC Mentoring
  • McIntire-exclusive mentoring program run by the McIntire Young Alumni Council (MYAC)
  • Academic-year-long mentoring, beginning late summer
  • Open to third-year and M.S. in Commerce students
  • Mentors are McIntire alumni

For more information: Caitlin Forehand (forehand@virginia.edu)

Read more about the MYAC mentor program.

Darden Mentor Program
  • Academic-year-long program, beginning early fall
  • Open to third- and fourth-years and students in the M.S. in Commerce, M.S. in Accounting, and M.S. in Global Commerce Programs
  • Mentors are current M.B.A. students at Darden
  • Students receive information about the program in the fall semester; applications are generally due in mid-September

For more information:  Sarah Rogis (srogis@virginia.edu)

Virginia Alumni Mentoring (VAM)
  • University-wide program led by the University Career Center
  • Semester-long program (offered in fall and spring semesters) or one-time “flash mentoring”
  • Open to all UVA students
  • Mentors are UVA alumni from all schools

For more information and to sign up: https://alumnimentoring.virginia.edu/