Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We aim to recruit, support, and educate a community as diverse as the global workforce, and to celebrate the possibilities of our shared talents.

Diversity is a collection of characteristics that enrich our community by:

  • Challenging assumptions

  • Removing barriers

  • Inspiring thoughtful discussion

  • Contributing to the development of innovative solutions

In diverse, equitable, and inclusive communities, all members feel fully engaged and know that their contribution matters, both in and out of the classroom.

Open Doors, Open Minds

At McIntire, we prioritize inclusion because we know that communities flourish when good people, ideas, and differences come together and engage in meaningful exchanges. As we work to recruit, support, and educate a community as diverse as the global workforce, our initiatives focus on three broad areas developed in our Strategic Diversity Plan.  

Recruiting a Diverse Community

We actively recruit students, faculty, and staff who:

  • Enrich our classrooms through a diversity of thought and experience​​​​

  • Challenge assumptions and biases

  • Add to a respectful dialogue about the meaning of success and responsibility as business professionals and leaders

Fostering a Supportive Environment

We empower all members of the McIntire community to:

  • Acknowledge unique experiences and value differences

  • Engage more fully in and out of the classroom

  • Collaborate to break down barriers that limit potential and impede success

Educating Everyone, Every Day

Through programming and engagements, we work every day to educate our entire community to:

  • Learn from the talents and perspectives of all students, faculty, and staff

  • Acknowledge and respect differences

  • Be able to identify and understand implicit bias

  • Recognize the positive impact of diversity and inclusion on teams and performance in the workplace

The Business Case for Diversity

According the 2018 McKinsey and Company report Delivering Through Diversity, the business case for inclusion and diversity is strong. Many companies regard inclusion and diversity as a source of competitive advantage, and specifically as a key enabler of growth. At McIntire, we recognize the validity of the commercial viewpoint, but hold equity as a moral imperative in our desire to be both great and good. Our overarching aim is to provide students, faculty, and staff access to business education and opportunities that develop intercultural fluency. As the world is increasingly connected, we remain committed to graduating students who can navigate societal complexities and thrive in the highly diverse global workplace.

Gender-diverse companies are 21% more likely to outperform their peers. McKinsey & Company, Delivering Through Diversity, January 2018
Ethnically diverse companies are 33% more likely to outperform their peers. McKinsey & Company, Delivering Through Diversity, January 2018
In team-based assessments, inclusive teams outperform their peers by 80%. Deloitte Australia

How Can We Help?

Whether you're an incoming or current McIntire student, the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is here to support you. We hold weekly drop-in hours either in-person in Rouss & Robertson Halls 104 or virtual via Zoom. You can also reach us by email

Prospective Students

If you would like to hear more about McIntire's diversity goals and programs, including undergraduate and graduate recruitment initiatives, please reach out. 

Current Students

Your MyMcIntire portal is the primary destination for information related to advising and programmatic services, events, and resources.

UVA Initiatives

A UVA community rich in diversity affords every member equal respect—and provides a forum for understanding our differences as well as our commonalities. Learn more about the University-wide initiatives available to prospective and current students.