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Diversity at McIntire

The best plans flourish when good people, ideas, and differences come together, as evidenced by the positive outcomes achieved by the McIntire School and the School’s many corporate partners that make robust diversity initiatives a priority. Recent research published in Forbes concludes that "companies with outstanding diversity programs outperform their peers by a significant margin."

As a top business school driven to prepare students to thrive in the highly diverse and international workplace, the McIntire School is well on the path toward realizing a fully diverse and inclusive community and ensuring the long-term success of the McIntire community by seeking to embed these qualities into hiring and recruiting; performance management; faculty, staff, and student development; and curriculum innovation.

How McIntire Describes Diversity and Inclusion

  • Diversity is a collection of unique characteristics, both seen and unseen, that enrich our community by challenging assumptions, inspiring thoughtful discussion, and contributing to the development of innovative solutions.
  • Diversity works when our community is inclusive, acknowledging and removing barriers to empower all our members to engage fully and to contribute in and out of the classroom.
  • McIntire works when we recruit, support, and educate a community as diverse as the global work force, and when we celebrate the unlimited possibilities of our shared talents.

Voices of DiversityVoices of Diversity

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Diversity at UVA 

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