Hamilton in undergraduate classroom


We will actively recruit students, faculty, and staff who enrich our classrooms through a diversity of thought and experience, challenge assumptions and biases, and add to a respectful dialogue about the meaning of success and responsibility as business professionals and leaders.

Recruitment Initiatives

Click through the links to explore McIntire's recruitment programs.

EY Diversity Pipeline: With several events, such as networking workshops and "Dean's Dos and Don'ts," held throughout the year, McIntire seeks to support students, both interested in McIntire or already part of the School. 

McIntire Commerce Cohort: Provides support to first-year students who have indicated an interest in commerce. 

Meet McIntire: Through Meet McIntire, college juniors and seniors are given the opportunity to explore the University of Virginia and learn about the M.S. in Accounting Program. 

The PhD Project: McIntire is a member of The PhD Project, which has a mission "to increase workplace diversity by increasing the diversity of business school faculty who encourage, mentor, support, and enhance the preparation of tomorrow's leaders."