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Center for Global Commerce

Education and Training

McIntire is committed to supporting a collaborative, real-world approach to refining our highly regarded programs, and our innovative purview is the result of well-documented results and input from scholars and industry. As a leading business school with a strong tradition of global business education McIntire is called upon to produce both thought leadership and future business leaders to make a positive difference in our rapidly evolving world.


The Center supports comprehensive and ongoing reviews of all coursework; advancements in McIntire and interdisciplinary scholarship; and positioning the School’s global approach through community efforts among business leaders, IT practitioners, UVA alumni, and McIntire faculty. 

The Center for Global Commerce is currently developing:

  • "Reimagining Global Capitalism”: Examines the global capitalist system while identifying ways capitalism can be applied to address the world’s most pressing challenges through its unique capacity to advance humanity and its well-being. The course has been designed to help students envision how their own business skills and experiences can be developed into careers of purpose and fulfillment."

  • “Doing Business in…”: Having successfully launched “Doing Business in China," future courses will focus on the particular specific opportunities and challenges unique to locations that may include the European Union, Latin America, India, Africa, and others.

  • “Powering a Sustainable Future”: As environmental concerns continue to impact business, the Center is committed to offering courses examining the many issues integrated with impact investing, the business of sustaining life in the developing world, and using commerce to create solutions to widespread climate change.

  • Global Challenges Seminars and Symposia: Capstones on social issues and Global Challenges Seminar courses will serve as lead-ins to similarly focused learning events for faculty, professionals, and seminar students to connect on trending themes.

Trending Research Topics


Recognizing both the increasing global demand for energy and the importance of addressing that need without irrevocable harm to the environment, the Center is investigating the opportunities for global businesses and business leaders to responsibly deliver and consume the energy required to power the next generation of human endeavor.

Global Strategy

Rapid globalization requires executives to cope with both increased global competition and greater organizational complexity as more corporate activities span national boundaries. The Center researches the strategic approach to institutional, social, and economic differences across markets, as well as concepts and models for understanding firm performance across varied contexts.

Global Macro-Finance

Examining the structure of global markets in fixed-income, equity, foreign exchange, and derivative markets, Center research supports creative approaches to study in areas affected by global changes in fiscal and monetary policy, financial innovation, and regulatory changes.


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"As rich inheritors of Mr. Jefferson’s vision to provide a world-class education to future leaders, it is our duty to carry that vision forward beyond these shores. All business is global, so McIntire must be global. We need to recruit the best and brightest from around the globe to expand the diversity of our community and to enrich the culture of the Academical Village."

Meg Horvath (McIntire ’81)

McIntire Global Advisory Board Member