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Galant Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Industry Engagement

The Galant Center operates at the forefront of Charlottesville’s flourishing startup scene. Contributing to local entrepreneurial culture and promoting innovation-based activities, through myriad partnerships across the University and in the local community, the Center supports many startup-based learning programs and exciting competition events.

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Galant Challenge

The Galant Challenge connects ventures from the UVA community and beyond with potential investors. This exciting “Shark Tank” -type event has successfully funded ventures with nearly $5 million in capital in recent years.



In addition to the Galant Challenge, there are a number of University-wide new venture competitions and funding opportunities, including the UVA Entrepreneurship Cup (“the E-Cup”), which awards upwards of $25,000 for winning UVA undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral teams, and The American Evolution Innovators Cup, a multi-university innovation concept competition with prizes totaling $60,000 for solutions facing the Commonwealth and the nation.

Speakers, Workshops, and Symposia

Throughout the semester, we partner with student organizations (e.g., Entrepreneurship Group, Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, HackCville) to bring speakers to Grounds; host workshops; and create opportunities to connect founders, funders, and other alumni working in and around the new venture community with students.