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Center for Global Commerce

For more than 90 years, the McIntire School of Commerce has been regarded as one of the nation’s finest business schools, producing graduates who become business leaders and outstanding citizens. McIntire is characterized by the relentless pursuit of excellence, the successful execution of ambitious plans, a strong sense of community, and a thriving tradition of innovation. Our goal is to provide our students with the best business education in the world.

Today more than ever, the forces of globalization are changing the context in which all business operates. To prepare students for long-term success, the School must provide an increasingly international perspective as well as globally oriented functional and cross-cultural business skills. In addition, the School must attract and engage an internationally diverse student population, build globally focused intellectual capital, and develop partnerships with other leading business schools and international companies throughout the world.

As McIntire maintains and enhances its status as one of the world’s elite business schools, we are striving to meet the complex set of challenges presented by globalization with an innovative and comprehensive set of solutions. As part of this approach, the McIntire Center for Global Commerce leads the planning and implementation of a sustained, integrative, and comprehensive global strategy for the School. Specifically, the Center focuses on the following:

  • Strengthening international curriculum and academic programs. The Center supports faculty in the development of essential new global curricula and teaching materials as well as the School’s study-abroad programs. The Center also administers a financial aid program for students requiring assistance to study abroad.
  • Fostering international scholarship and research. The Center actively encourages and funds globally oriented scholarship on such crucial topics as international financial markets and cross-cultural consumer research. The Center plays a primary role in facilitating relationships with global business enterprises and international academic institutions. To further this aspect of our work, we hope to establish an eminent scholar professorship of global commerce, a named faculty fellowship, and three summer research grants.
  • Broadening community engagement. The Center actively promotes the School’s global perspective and capabilities, reaching out to students, academics, professionals, and other key members of the global business community. In addition to various forums, seminars, and speaker events, we hope to establish a visiting international scholar program, as well as a visiting executive-in-residence program.
Support the Center for Global Commerce

To find out more how to connect with and contribute to the Center for Global Commerce, please contact:

Peter A. Maillet
Associate Dean for Global Affairs
Academic Director, Center for Global Commerce
Office phone: +1  434-243-2290

Chris Elliott
Assistant Dean for Global Affairs
Director, Center for Global Commerce
Office phone: +1  434-924-6897

Darci D. Spuck
Director of Global Alumni & Friends Engagement
Office phone: +1  434-982-2668
Skype: darci.spuck  

Katie Whittier
Associate Dean for Development
Office phone: +1  434-924-3394