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Management Communication

Today’s McIntire students are tomorrow’s leaders—and leaders need communication skills that are not only effective, but inspiring. Accordingly, the acquisition of outstanding business-writing and -speaking skills plays a critical role in our coursework, with written reports, presentations, and pitches carefully integrated into the curriculum. Students have the opportunity to further sharpen their communication skills by enrolling in specialized elective communication courses, taking part in writing and speaking workshops, mentoring others, and participating in a variety of communication competitions.

Management Communication in our academic programs:


Lindsay Rinder (McIntire '14) and Professor Trey Maxham discuss Management Communication:

Lindsey Rinder Video

Trey Maxham Video

Writing Tip:  Start any writing task, large or small, by thinking about your audience. Who are they? What do they know about your topic? What do they want? How will they feel? How can you persuade them? (from Munter and Hamilton, Guide to Managerial Communication, 10th edition)

Management Communication Resources

The Management Communication faculty has assembled a collection of resources rich with best practices and current trends in business communication. View the Management Communication resources.

Lynn Hamilton
Professor Emeritus, General Faculty
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Kerrie Carfagno
Associate Professor, General Faculty; Director, Management Communication Programs
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Robert Patterson
Associate Professor, General Faculty; Communication Coordinator, M.S. in Commerce Program
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Marcia Pentz
Assistant Professor, General Faculty; Communication Coordinator, M.S. in Accounting Program
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