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Management Communication Electives

COMM 4640 Advanced Managerial Communication

The course develops writing and speaking skills while increasing student understanding of how managers communicate with diverse audiences; it also covers communication with the public, investors, and employees. Special topics include media relations, communication ethics, and crisis communications. Students practice for communication events such as speaking at a press conference, briefing a small group, telling professional anecdotes, and preparing for a media interview.

COMM 4641 Public Speaking and Persuasion

The course utilizes several active learning activities when considering classical rhetorical elements, audience analysis, speech organization, and strategies for improvement in the structure and delivery of extemporaneous and impromptu speeches. Students work with conceptual methods, observe exemplary models of good speech making, explore personal communication apprehension, and hone individual rhetorical style.

COMM 4642 Communication Strategies for Business Professionals

 The course sharpens speaking and business writing skills for communicating in a digital age. This includes a discussion of how social media content can impact business operations in positive and negative ways. Students explore online business writing topics such as search engine optimization, link-building strategies, and how writing copy for the web differs from other business writing styles.

We explore how business professionals use short videos for the goal of communicating company, industry, and financial information. We discuss how to effectively communicate up, down, and across chains of command within organizations and as consultants—when you have the responsibility, but not always the authority. This course also explores how to adapt presentations to various target audiences and how to adapt communication strategies when ethical issues arise. Coursework includes written, oral, and video assignments. The course counts toward the Management concentration.

COMM 4643 Advanced Business Speaking

Participants in this course work to refine the foundation they’ve already built successfully in public speaking. We spend a short time reviewing basic delivery skills, and then the bulk of the course is designed to help participants identify their optimal individual presenting style. The goals of the course are to increase students’ awareness of audience-centered speaking, to promote student self-awareness without self-consciousness when speaking, and to identify and then refine key non-verbal delivery techniques that allow speakers to fully engage, engage with, and persuade their audiences to action.

Students deliver eight or nine prepared speeches and engage in weekly improvisational speaking activities designed to strengthen their prepared and impromptu speaking abilities. Participants in this course should expect to deliver a wide variety of speeches, speak daily, provide sustained feedback to all class members, present individually, present in groups, present in multiple forums, and work to create a safe, supportive space within which students can practice the professionally critical—and often unnerving—skill of delivering polished personal oratory.