Student Organizations

As a McIntire student, you can join various student-led groups as well as engage in activities, service, and governmental organizations available through UVA Student Engagement. Discover these opportunities on UVA’s student engagement platform, Hoos Involved.

Student Governance Organizations & Representatives

The McIntire School’s student governance councils are composed of officers and committee members who are elected by the student body and are responsible for various student events and initiatives within the School. McIntire also has study body elected-representatives who serve on the Honor Council and University Judiciary Committee (UJC). 

Commerce Council
Open to McIntire students

The Commerce Council represents and supports undergraduate students in the McIntire School of Commerce by hosting and coordinating service and social events, outreach activities, and other programs.

Graduate Commerce Council
Open to McIntire students

The Graduate Commerce (GCOM) Council exists to enhance the experience of all students enrolled in the McIntire School's master’s programs.

Honor Council Representatives

The Honor Committee, composed of Honor Representatives from 10 schools, is responsible for maintaining and administrating the Honor System.

University Judiciary Committee Representatives

The University Judiciary Committee (UJC), the student-run judiciary body of the University of Virginia, is authorized to investigate and adjudicate alleged violations of the University’s Standards of Conduct.

Contracted Independent Organizations

The following Contracted Independent Organizations (CIOs)* are Commerce-related in the nature of their mission and organizational activities that pertain to educating members about business knowledge and opportunities.

*Non-Affiliation Statement: Although these organizations have members who are UVA students and may have University employees associated or engaged in their activities and affairs, the organizations are not a part of or an agency of the University. They are separate and independent organizations that are responsible for and manage their own activities and affairs. The University does not direct, supervise, or control the organizations and is not responsible for the organizations’ contracts, acts, or omissions.

180 Degrees Consulting at UVA
Open to all UVA students

180 Degrees Consulting at UVA strengthens the ability of socially conscious organizations in the greater Charlottesville area to achieve high-impact outcomes through the development of innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions.

Accounting Society
Open to all UVA students

The Accounting Society at McIntire recognizes outstanding academic achievement in the field of financial information and sponsors programs that assist in the development of students interested in Accounting and Finance.

Advertising and Marketing Association
Open to all UVA students

The Advertising and Marketing Association at UVA provides students with the opportunity to learn about the advertising and marketing industries, as well as career paths in various areas of marketing, through speakers, panels, and other events throughout the year.

Alpha Kappa Psi
Open to all UVA students

Alpha Kappa Psi seeks to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounting, and finance; educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein; and promote and advance courses leading to degrees in business administration.

Alternative Investment Fund at McIntire
Open to all UVA students

The Alternative Investment Fund is a student-run organization that trains young professionals for careers in investment management and other functions within the financial markets. 

Asian Student Network at McIntire
Open to all UVA students

The Asian Student Network at McIntire is dedicated to supporting Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi-American (APIDA) Commerce students in breaking barriers in business by building a strong, safe network within the McIntire community at large and preparing the next generation of young professionals to lead, empower, and inspire.

Black Commerce Student Network at McIntire
Open to all UVA students

The Black Commerce Student Network at McIntire is dedicated to establishing a strong community and safe space for all Black students at McIntire. 

BlackFin Investment Group
Open to all UVA students

BlackFin Investment Group is a student-run long/short equity fund at UVA that serves minorities who are underrepresented in financial services.

Blockchain at UVA
Open to all UVA students

Blockchain at UVA helps UVA students understand and get involved in blockchain technology and seeks to create an environment on Grounds that allows students curious about this new technology to get involved alongside other like-minded students.

Business Ethics Society
Open to all UVA students

The Business Ethics Society is a student-led undergraduate organization devoted to the critical evaluation and active discussion of business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

Delta Sigma Pi
Open to all UVA students

Delta Sigma Pi fosters the study of business in universities; encourages scholarship, social activity, and the association of students for their mutual advancement; promotes closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and furthers a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community.

Open to all UVA students

Enactus is a community of student, academic, and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a more sustainable world. 

Global Markets Group
Open to all UVA students

The Global Markets Group (GMG) at the University of Virginia is a Commerce-related student organization that actively manages a $20,000 global equities portfolio. 

Latinx Student Network
Open to all UVA students

The Latinx Student Network is a Commerce-related undergraduate student organization with the goal to recruit, support, and develop current and prospective Latinx/Hispanic Commerce students.

McIntire Investment Institute
Open to all UVA students

The McIntire Investment Institute is a student-run investment institute. Its purpose is to teach students about investing by using real money; students handle all investment decisions.

Net Impact
Open to all UVA students

Net Impact mobilizes the next generations to use their skills and careers to make a positive impact on the world through social entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Phi Chi Theta
Open to all UVA students

Phi Chi Theta is a business fraternity that promotes the cause of higher business education and training for all individuals to further high ideals for everyone pursuing a career in business.

Portico Impact Fund
Open to all UVA Students

The Portico Impact Fund seeks to educate through experiential learning to prepare members for a career in finance. The organization strives to enact positive change on a local and global scale by investing in socially responsible equities and donating a portion of annual returns to local charitable causes.

Pride at McIntire
Open to all UVA students

Pride at McIntire is dedicated towards fostering a diverse and inclusive environment within McIntire for pre-Commerce and Commerce students who identify as members or allies of the LGBTQ+ community. The group serves as a resource for pre-professional students by hosting various employer-sponsored events and workshops throughout the academic year.

Sales and Trading Group
Open to all UVA students

The Sales and Trading Group explores sales and trading through extensive simulations, financial models, and mathematical analyses. It offers members the opportunity to attain an in-depth understanding of sales and trading models.

Scholars of Finance
Open to all UVA students

Scholars of Finance at UVA is the UVA chapter of a national organization that seeks to inspire character and integrity in the finance leaders of tomorrow.

Smart Woman Securities at UVA
Open to all UVA students

University of Virginia Smart Woman Securities is the UVA chapter of a national organization that seeks to educate and enrich women on the fundamentals of investments and finance.

SEED Consulting
Open to all UVA students

SEED Consulting strives to assist NGOs worldwide by providing consulting services that incorporate best practices to help them achieve a greater level of efficiency.

TAMID Group at UVA
Open to all UVA students

TAMID Group is a nonprofit organization that connects business-minded students from universities across the world to the Israeli economy.

Virginia Case Club
Open to all UVA students

Virginia Case Club is a hub for anyone interested in business case competitions to meet and learn from one another. The student org uses its proprietary “E4” case program to teach members to excel at case competitions.

Virginia Consulting Group
Open to all UVA students

Virginia Consulting Group aims to give practical, hands-on consulting opportunities for students at UVA. Members work in semesterlong project teams to provide pro bono and paid consulting services, helping clients solve real-world problems.

Virginia Finance Institute
Open to all UVA students

The Virginia Finance Institute, the largest finance-focused organization at UVA, introduces students to the field of finance through training sessions, workshops, and other resources.

Virginia Undergraduate Real Estate Club
Open to all UVA students

The Virginia Undergraduate Real Estate Club is a platform for its members to learn more about real estate, make connections on Grounds, and build a network of professionals to create a community of 'Hoos in real estate.

Virginia Venture Fund
Open to all UVA students

The Virginia Venture Fund provides undergraduates the opportunity to learn about the venture capital process, helps venture capital firms conduct due diligence, and invests in early-stage startup ideas. 

Women's Business Forum at McIntire
Open to all UVA students

The Women's Business Forum at McIntire provides an open forum to discuss issues that are unique to gender and to explore the challenges faced in work and family relationships. 

Honor Societies

Beta Gamma Sigma

Beta Gamma Sigma is a national honorary society that encourages and rewards scholarship and accomplishment among students of commerce and business administration.