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Digital Media

Advertising and Digital Media Track

What Is a Track?

A track is a specialty area of study for undergraduate students enrolled in the McIntire School of Commerce crossing over multiple concentration areas. Courses taken to satisfy track requirements can also be used to satisfy concentration requirements. Commerce students may complete up to two tracks if course scheduling allows this flexibility. Due to resources, the McIntire School cannot guarantee the fulfillment of tracks.




The Advertising and Digital Media Track is designed to teach students advanced topics in the area of advertising and integrated marketing communications (IMC), including digital media strategy. Using the American Advertising Federation's (AAF) National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) as the catalyst for hands-on learning, the emphasis of the track is to illustrate how market and consumer research lead to market understanding and consumer insights, and how these are essential for creating a persuasive and effective IMC campaign that utilizes, among other things, emerging digital technologies and digital media activations. Students enrolled in this track will also become proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator) and video production, giving them the tools to design and execute their creative concepts. Students will also have access to market research databases utilized by brand managers, marketing analysts, and marketers in general, to make strategic marketing decisions.


The Advertising and Digital Media Track is open to fourth-year Commerce students who apply in January of their third year and are accepted into the "Promotions" curriculum (see below) and whose academic requirements allow them the flexibility to take the required 12 credit hours.

Selection Criteria

All McIntire students accepted into "Promotions" are eligible to enroll in the Advertising and Digital Media Track. The application process for the "Promotions" curriculum occurs early in the spring semester of the third year and includes submission of written materials (a resume and completed application specifically designed for the track) and an interview. Criteria for acceptance into "Promotions," and therefore eligibility to enroll in the track, include past academic performance; a demonstrated desire to work in advertising, digital media, brand strategy/management, or a related field; past relevant work experience; and the ability to think in a strategic and creative manner that is required to be successful in the career paths for which this track will prepare students.     


Required Courses (9 credits of "Promotions" Curriculum)

COMM 4371 Advertising & Promotional Aspects of Marketing (fall, fourth year)

COMM 4373 Advertising & Promotional Aspects of Marketing - Media Lab (fall, fourth year)

COMM 4372 Integrated Marketing Communications Campaigns* (spring, fourth year)

COMM 4374 Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign - Media Lab (spring, fourth year)

Electives (3 credits)

COMM 4250 Digital Innovation

COMM 4251 Digital Safari (1.5 credits)

COMM 4260 Business Analytics

COMM 4263 Intro to Cybersecurity

COMM 4350 Customer Analytics & Brand Strategy

COMM 4370 Social Media Marketing Strategy & Analytics

COMM 4380 Consumer Behavior & Marketing Strategy

COMM 4559 Text Analytics (1.5 credits)

COMM 4559 Persuasion and Influence

COMM 4559 Business Analytics with R

COMM 4559 Business Analytics with Python

COMM 4641 Public Speaking & Persuasion

COMM 4643 Advanced Business Speaking

COMM 4660 Management Consulting and Advisory Services

MDST 2010 Introduction to Digital Media (3-4 credits)

MDST 3202 Digital Media and Publishing

MDST 3701 New Media Culture

MDST 3755 Social Media and Society

MDST 4102 Qualitative Methods in Media Audience Research

MDST 4802 Intermediate Documentary Production

PSYC 2150 Introduction to Cognitive

PSYC 2300 Introduction to Perception

PSYC 4150 Cognitive Processes

PSYC 4290 Memory Distortions

PSYC 4300 Theories of Perception

SOC 4050 American Society

SOC 4140 Sociology of Consumption

SOC 4850 Media, Culture and Society

Note: Admission to the track does not guarantee admission to any of the classes above. Instead, the list of electives is meant to provide a broad set of courses consistent with the objectives of the track.

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