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McIntire Commerce Cohort

The McIntire School's Commerce Cohort program engages and supports high-achieving, high-need UVA first-years with academic mentorship, career preparation, and personal development through sessions on practical study and employment skills, critical analysis, self-reflection, and communication—all conducted through a business lens. Funded by alumni and corporate support and managed by McIntire’s Office of Undergraduate Admission, the Cohort aims to increase applications to the B.S. in Commerce Program from a diverse set of students, ensuring that future class profiles reflect McIntire’s ongoing mission to foster an inclusive community.

The Cohort supports students by providing:

  • Academic and career exploration opportunities
  • Increased knowledge of the McIntire experience
  • Personal and professional goal setting activities
  • Connection to other first-years and the McIntire community

Commerce Cohort participants for the academic year 2019-2020 have been selected and notified via their UVA email address. 

To learn more about the McIntire Office of Undergraduate Admission’s Commerce Cohort program, read the FAQs below or contact the McIntire Office of Undergraduate Admission at or +1 434-924-3865.

Program Features

Community Building
  • Foster community with other first-year prospective McIntire students
  • Receive mentorship and advising from the McIntire Office of Undergraduate Admission staff
  • Engage with McIntire faculty, staff, students, corporate sponsors, and employers
  • Join Commerce-related student organizations
Commerce Curriculum
  • COMM 1559: “Commerce Cohort Seminar" (fall)
    A pass/fail one-credit course that welcomes guest professors, student leaders, and corporate representatives into the classroom. Students become oriented to the McIntire School, are encouraged to develop a sense of community, explore personal and professional strengths, and set goals to shape their path to Commerce. Students also have opportunities to attend business skill conferences, exploratory career events, networking, and team-building exercises outside of the classroom.
  • COMM 1800: "Foundations of Commerce" (fall)
    Commerce Cohort students receive preferential placement for this prerequisite course.
  • COMM 2000: “Business Skills in Today’s Workplace” (spring)
    Simulating upper-level Commerce classes while providing context for the diverse and global business environment, this one-credit, pass/fail course delivered by Commerce faculty and staff provides weekly interactive and instructional sessions on problem solving, inclusive leadership, management, and cross-culture awareness. Additional activities include advising and networking events.
Personal Development

Students participate in Cohort-exclusive workshops and presentations that facilitate personal exploration and development to better leverage skills, build their personal brand, enhance their resume, and deepen their understanding of the business industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be considered for the Commerce Cohort program?
All matriculated first-year students indicating an academic interest in Commerce on the Common Application for first-year admission will be considered for the Commerce Cohort program. No additional application is required.

What are the Commerce Cohort program selection criteria?
Much like the criteria for admission to McIntire, the Admission Committee will review students' Common Application for first-year admission to UVA and consider academic performance; co-curricular experiences; and personal characteristics such as leadership, communication, and teamwork. Because of the program’s cohort nature, the committee seeks to select a cohort that supports the McIntire School's mission to create a more diverse and inclusive student community.

When and how will I be notified of my selection?
Program application review will take place after May 1. The committee will notify the newly selected Commerce Cohort by mid-June via their UVA email address.

When does the program begin?
Official programming for the Cohort will begin during fall orientation with a Cohort kickoff. We look forward to meeting Commerce Cohort participants during their visit to Charlottesville for summer orientation. Please stop by the McIntire Office of Undergraduate Admission to say hello.

What does participating in the program require?
The Commerce Cohort program runs the entirety of students' first year. Participants will successfully complete the Commerce Cohort program by completing COMM 1559 (1-credit, non-graded course) in fall 2019 and COMM 2000 (1-credit, non-graded course) in spring 2020. Most of the program's content delivery will take place during class periods. Course syllabi will be provided during the course enrollment periods.

Additional workshops, presentations, and social opportunities exclusive to the Cohort will be also provided outside of the class periods. Attendance is encouraged but not required.  

Does completing the Commerce Cohort program guarantee admission to McIntire?
No. As an upper-divisional school, McIntire has a competitive admission process for current UVA students. It is our goal that the curriculum and supplemental programming of the Commerce Cohort program will positively contribute to students' admission considerations for the B.S. in Commerce Program.

Does selection to the Commerce Cohort program include additional financial support?
No. Students may be offered financial support through other University resources and need-based financial aid.

What if my academic interests change?
We hope that by participating in the Commerce Cohort program you will find a home here at McIntire. But if your passions and interests guide you elsewhere, that is fine too. We look forward to supporting you in finding the best academic fit that will contribute to your success at UVA.

If I am not initially selected for the program, can I apply later?
The Commerce Cohort is a year-long program dedicated to students in their first year. Due to the program's duration and cohort nature, we will not admit additional Commerce Cohort students. Students may be able to experience aspects of the program by participating in opportunities promoted by the McIntire Office of Undergraduate Admission, joining a Commerce-related student organization, engaging with the University Career Center’s Business Community, or requesting permission to enroll in the non-Cohort section of COMM 2000: "Business Skills in Today’s Workplace."

If I am not selected for the program, how can I learn more about McIntire?
The McIntire Office of Undergraduate Admission is dedicated to supporting all prospective McIntire students on their path to Commerce. Engage with us through walk-in advising, attending an information session, taking a tour, following our “Keeping Up with Commerce” blog, and subscribing to our “Keeping Up with Commerce”  newsletter.

  • Robert Smalls

    Robert Smalls (UVA '22)

    “Self-exploration and inclusion into an intelligent community are the Cohort’s foundation. The knowledge about McIntire and the connections I made through the Cohort are the most memorable. [The Cohort] pushed me to elevate my personal and academic standards, and successfully created a welcoming community.”

  • Amy White

    Amy White (UVA '22)

    “The Commerce Cohort is a large contributor to the satisfaction I feel with my first year, and the primary contributor to my desire to continue into McIntire. It was so valuable to be in a class with peers from similar backgrounds and with similar visions for our futures. I am thankful for the experience.”

  • Deric Childress

    Deric Childress (UVA '22)

    “My interest in accounting has grown since the beginning of the semester, mainly due to the Commerce Cohort attending the EY conference, which opened my eyes to the forensic accounting profession. After further research, I realized that earning a B.S. in Commerce would more than help me to reach my career goals.”

  • Magin Sanchez

    Magin Sanchez (UVA '22)

    “I very much appreciated the vast amount of information regarding business education and possible career paths that have been shared through the Comm Cohort program. “It has given me a greater awareness of opportunities as I consider what path I may wish to pursue.”

  • Brielle Symdon

    Brielle Symdon (UVA '22)

    “The Cohort has been an amazing opportunity for me to learn more about McIntire and what a business degree entails. The Cohort has also provided me with an amazing community at UVA of peers, professors, and mentors who support me and who truly want me to succeed.”