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Quantitative Finance Track

What Is a Track?

A track is a specialty area of study crossing over multiple concentration areas. Courses taken to satisfy track requirements can also be used to satisfy concentration requirements. Commerce students may complete up to two tracks if course scheduling allows this flexibility. Due to resources, the McIntire School cannot guarantee the fulfillment of tracks.




The Quantitative Finance Track is designed to develop students’ analytical skills and prepare them for quantitatively focused careers in finance. The track is appropriate for students pursuing careers in areas such as asset/investment management, sales/trading, risk management/compliance, and financial information technology. Students will gain a better understanding of model-based decision-making using tools from a variety of areas such as economics, operations research, statistics, computer science, and information technology.


The Quantitative Finance Track is available by application to all Commerce students whose academic requirements allow them the flexibility to take the required 12 credit hours.

Selection Criteria

Students apply for admission into the track at the beginning of the spring semester of the third year. Application materials include a resume, a one-page statement of purpose and interest, and a summary of all quantitative coursework taken to date including performance. Past quantitative coursework draws from departments such as chemistry, computer science, economics, mathematics, physics, and statistics, as well as all disciplines in the School of Engineering & Applied Science. Completion of a programming class is strongly recommended. Criteria for admission include past academic performance, past quantitative background, and the statement of purpose and interest. Admission is limited to 20-30 students.


Students are required to complete the following courses:

Required Courses
COMM 4710 Intermediate Investments (B+ or higher grade required)
One of the following four quantitative trading-based courses must be completed:
  • COMM 4230 Information Technology in Finance
  • COMM 4559 Advanced Investments: Asset Management in the Global Economy
  • COMM 4731 Advanced Investments: Principles of Security Trading
  • COMM 4732 Advanced Investments: Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management
Required Capstone

COMM 4780 Quantitative Finance Seminar (This course is intended to be case- or project-oriented. Group work will capitalize on the likely different quantitative skills of the students.)


In addition to the nine (9) required credit hours, students must complete one of the following courses:

COMM 4230 Information Technology in Finance
COMM 4730 Advanced Investments: Derivatives & Fixed Income
COMM 4731 Advanced Investments: Principles of Security Trading
COMM 4732 Advanced Investments: Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management
ECON 4720 Econometric Methods (Commerce and Economics double majors only)
MATH 4110 Introduction to Stochastic Processes (Commerce and Math/Statistics double majors only)
STAT 5120 Applied Linear Models (Commerce and Math/Statistics double majors only)

Note that admission to the track does not guarantee admission to each of the classes above. Instead, the list of electives is meant to provide a broad set of quantitative courses consistent with the objectives of the track. Courses outside of the Commerce School are appropriate for students double majoring in that particular department.

Any two of the four classes COMM 4230, COMM 4559, COMM 4731, and COMM 4732 can be taken to satisfy the quantitative trading-based required course; the other will satisfy the elective course. Other related University of Virginia courses can satisfy this requirement, as approved by the Director of the Quantitative Finance Track.

For more information, please contact Professor Michael Gallmeyer at

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