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Advising for Undergraduate Commerce Students


Advising for Third-Year Students

Visit our booking site here to schedule an appointment with the program adviser for your block. Program advisers' offices are located in Robertson Hall, Suite 163.

Blocks 1 & 2: Danny Steeper, dws3g@virginia.edu                           
Blocks 3 & 4: Sally Armentrout, sally@virginia.edu
Blocks 5 & 6: Julia Hilkey, hilkey@virginia.edu                             
Blocks 7 & 8: Benjamin Raske, bf6r@virginia.edu                          

Advising for Fourth-Year Students

Fourth-year students should meet with the adviser assigned to them during their third year. Log into your SIS account to view the name of your adviser or use the list above.

Global Programs Advising for Current or Prospective McIntire Students

Global Programs also offers appointments through our booking site for all UVA students interested in McIntire's global program offerings, especially for McIntire students considering a semester abroad or GCI courses. 


How do I access my Academic Requirements report?

You can view your Academic Requirements report by logging into your Student Center account in the Student Information System (SIS). Under the Student Center tab, click on the “other academics” drop down box, and then click on “Academic Requirements” to pull up your Academic Requirements report.

How many concentrations can I have?

All undergraduate students must declare at least one area of concentration from the five possible areas. Student may declare no more than two concentrations. McIntire students may change or declare an area of concentration once enrolled in the program.

How do I declare a concentration?

Third-year students must declare concentrations by using the Concentration/Track Change Request Form to be submitted between Jan. 15 and Feb. 1.

How do I change a concentration?

Fourth-year students must inform the Student Services and Academic Operations Office by using a Concentration/Track Change Request Form on or before Oct. 23 (for spring enrollment) of any change they are making to their degree information. Many upper-level courses are restricted by concentration, so students should ensure that the correct concentration is listed in SIS before course enrollment.

How do I declare a major or minor outside the Commerce School?

After enrollment at McIntire in the third year, many Commerce students continue to pursue academic interests in disciplines outside business. Many Commerce students complete a major or minor in non-business areas. For example, students interested in international business might complete a second major in Spanish, or students interested in finance might complete a minor in mathematics. This is an excellent way to combine personal and professional interests and take advantage of the other outstanding academic departments at the University. Commerce students may major and/or minor in any subject in the College of Arts & Sciences or another school outside of Commerce. Prior permission must be obtained from the chair or director of undergraduate programs of the department in which the student is seeking the major or minor, and the student should submit the signed major or minor declaration form to the Student Services and Academic Operations Office no later than the start of the spring semester of fourth year. If a student wishes to pursue a major/minor previously declared before enrollment at McIntire he or she must notify their program adviser, who may ask the student to obtain a copy of the original declaration form. Students are not required to satisfy the area requirements of the school (department) outside of the Commerce School. Students are required to satisfy all of the Commerce School’s prerequisites and degree requirements. In pursuing the above, students will not receive two degrees from the University; they receive a B.S. in Commerce, with a concentration(s) and a minor (or second major) appearing as degree information on the official transcript.

How do I get tutoring assistance?

McIntire’s Student Services and Academic Operations Office coordinates a tutoring program based exclusively on faculty referrals for third-year and M.S. in Commerce students. The University offers tutoring in various subjects, including many of the non-Commerce prerequisites (e.g., economics, statistics). Check the tutoring website for additional information, including fees.

Can I withdraw from a Commerce class?

There are no withdrawals from any 3000- or 4000-level Commerce classes, effective fall 2016.

Can I take a Commerce class credit/no credit or audit?

Commerce classes may not be taken credit/no credit, and are not offered as audit.