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Applying to Promotions

Promotions is open to ALL rising fourth-year students at UVA. The application process opens in January of students' third year. Because 60+ students apply each year, admission into the class is competitive. Before applying, prospective students should have a good understanding of the class and the time commitment required to succeed. You are encouraged to take advantage of the information sessions hosted by the current class in January of your third year (or before, if you like to plan ahead). Stay up to date on recruitment via our Instagram @hoosinpromo.

January - February

The written portion of your application consists of three parts: a professional resume, a short-answer "Promo" application, and an optional portfolio.

View a sample application.

February - early March

Second-round candidates will receive an in-person interview hosted by current Promotions students. Interviews of study-abroad students will be conducted virtually.


The class of 30 is announced before spring break.

Application FAQs

When do applications open?

Applications open mid-January.

Who is eligible to apply?

Promotions is open to ALL rising fourth-year UVA students whose academic requirements give them the flexibility to take the required nine credit hours. Rising fourth-year Commerce students may also apply for the 12-credit-hour Strategic Brand Consulting & Communications Track, which includes the Promotions coursework. Students apply in the spring of their third year.

What are the selection criteria?

The application consists of written materials (resume, portfolio, and short-answer application) and an in-person interview for those who move on to the second round. Students selected into the class should demonstrate a desire to work in any of the following jobs: advertising, brand strategy or consulting, market research, media planning, new media, or any related fields. No previous experience is required; creatives, strategists, and data analysts are all encouraged to apply. Students must demonstrate a clear understanding of the rigor of the class and the time commitment required to succeed in it. Finally, we are looking for those with an open mind, creative spirit, and a passion to want to be in the class.

What are the program objectives?

  • Gain experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research to develop consumer insights that drive successful brand strategies and campaigns.
  • Learn the fundamentals of brand and communication strategy.
  • Understand the processes of setting campaign objectives and then planning the marketing mix, message, and media strategies to meet those objectives.
  • Learn to solve business problems under conditions of ambiguity.
  • Develop skills in selling your ideas, telling a compelling story using research findings and data, crafting persuasive business proposals, creating compelling presentations, and working in teams.
  • Become proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (PhotoShop, InDesign, etc.) software tools, video production, and other digital tools used by market researchers, brand managers, and media planners (e.g., Simmons Insights, Nielsen, comScore, SRDS).

How do I learn more about the program?

Questions may be emailed to Professor Carrie Heilman.

Prospective students should attend information sessions early in the spring semester of their third year.

Stay up-to-date on our Instagram account @hoosinpromo.

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