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Case Studies

Explore award-winning campaigns created by "Promo" students throughout the years.

2021: Tinder

First-place Districts | First-place Semifinals | First-place Nationals | Best Research Award | Best Presenter

Tinder challenged NSAC teams to develop an integrated marketing campaign that would increase brand love and app downloads among 18- to 19-year-olds in the U.S. Primary consumer research revealed that the target was apprehensive about using Tinder due to negative brand perceptions. Following strict Tinder brand guidelines, UVA brought a fresh perspective that would change those perceptions through the “Open to It” campaign.

2020: Adobe

First-place Districts | First-place Semifinals | First-place Nationals | Best Research Award

Adobe tasked 2020’s contestants to create a business-to-business campaign that would market Adobe’s adtech solution, Adobe Advertising Cloud. Using this overarching concept of “connection,” teams were given a marketing budget to brand multiple deliverables that would resonate with mid-sized to large enterprises that rely on advertising to reach consumers.

2018: Ocean Spray

First-place Districts | Third-place Semifinals | Second-place Nationals

Offering an array of cranberry-based drinks and snacks, Ocean Spray has been building its brand for almost 90 years. For the 2018 competition, NSAC participants were challenged to create a new campaign that would reach a millennial audience of people of ages 24-34. Teams were asked to highlight preexisting products and meet a number of success metrics such as percentage increase brand equity.

2016: Snapple

First-place Districts | First-place Semifinals | First-place Nationals | Best Research Award

In 2016, Promotions students took on Snapple’s challenge to create an integrated holistic marketing campaign to grow the Snapple brand. This included paid media, earned media, usage of the Snapple website, in-store promotions, and any other inspired ideas. As Snapple began on the East Coast, the brand has been looking to expand across the United States. Snapple provided a generous budget for a full calendar year’s worth of content to market their teas and drinks across the East and West Coast to a target consumer of individuals aged 18-49 years old.

2013: Glidden

First-place Districts | Third-place Nationals


In 2013, Glidden tasked NSAC competing schools to develop an integrated, multiplatform marketing campaign to raise awareness of Glidden paint in U.S. Walmart stores. The combined insights that Walmart is a one-stop shopping destination for most customers and that most consumers perceive painting to be an overwhelming task led to the Glidden Weekend Projects campaign, which accomplished the goal of raising awareness for Glidden paint at Walmart by introducing customers to small, manageable weekend projects that could be accomplished in a weekend, with all supplies, including Glidden paint, available at the retailer.

2012: Nissan

First-place Districts | Seventh-place Nationals


In the 2012 competition, NSAC competing schools were challenged to create a fully integrated marketing campaign that would brand build awareness among U.S. multicultural millennials, while upholding the ecofriendly, innovative, and bold brand identity that Nissan had curated over the years.

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