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Business Analytics Track

We’ve designed this track to provide broad, interdisciplinary knowledge and skills that help managers leverage analytics to improve performance and decision making. 

Students will learn practical research skills necessary to design, create, and analyze data sets as well as to report meaningful insights to diverse audiences. Students will appreciate the challenges and opportunities facing a wide array of commercial enterprises that rely on analytics to make key strategic decisions.


The Business Analytics Track is open to all Commerce students whose academic requirements allow them the flexibility to take the required 12 credit hours.



Students are required to complete the following courses:

Required Courses

  • COMM 3220 Database Management Systems and Business Intelligence
  • COMM 3330 Marketing and Research Analytic Techniques
  • COMM 4522 Topics in Business Analytics (offered in two modes; choose one):
    • Business Analytics with Low-Code Technologies focuses on the concepts of machine learning and implementation in low-code tools.
    • Business Analytics with Python focuses on concepts of machine learning and implementations using popular Python data science packages such as pandas, sklearn, nltk and keras.

Elective Courses

Business Analytics Track students select 3 credits from the courses listed below:

  • COMM 4230 Information Technology in Finance
  • COMM 4263 Intro to Cybersecurity
  • COMM 4350 Customer Analytics & Brand Strategy
  • COMM 4351 Marketing Analytics for Big Data
  • COMM 4371 Strategic Brand Consulting & Communications
  • COMM 4380 Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy
  • COMM 4559 Data Exploration and Visualization with R
  • COMM 4559 Managerial View of AI
  • COMM 5140 Accounting for Decision Making and Control

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