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B.S. in Commerce

Second-Year Student Admissions Process

Beginning in academic year 2024-2025, first-year students will apply to McIntire’s new three-year curriculum at the end of their spring semester. Second-year students will continue to apply, as in previous years, and second-year applicants will have a different set of requirements and admission deadline than first-year applicants.

Deadlines for the 2023-2024 Application Cycle

Late applications will not be permitted under any circumstances. Please submit the application ahead of time.

  • Application opens: October 2024
  • Application deadline: January 2025
  • Decisions released: February 2025
Eligibility and Prerequisites

McIntire students represent a wide range of academic backgrounds and life experiences with myriad career aspirations. Success in our rigorous academic program begins with a solid liberal arts foundation, as demonstrated by prior coursework.

Application Process

Our online application is designed to help us get to know you holistically. You will submit all application materials online, including the required essay components. A link to the live application will be available in fall 2023.

Funding Your Degree

We are committed to helping students with demonstrated need navigate the increasing costs of higher education. There are numerous financial resources available to students, including University financial aid and scholarships.

What to Expect

The McIntire Undergraduate Admissions Committee is composed of faculty members who independently review and make decisions on each applicant. After review, the group meets to reach consensus on each applicant.

Applicants receive one of three decisions: offered, waitlisted, or denied.

  • Offered: If you’re offered admission, you will have one week to accept or decline the offer.
  • Waitlist: While we intend to fill our class with initial offers, we will create an unranked waitlist in the event that students choose to pursue another major. You will have the opportunity to accept or turn down a spot on the waitlist. We will make offers from the waitlist by early July, but may make offers through the end of summer. Once the class is finalized, we will notify students on the waitlist that it is unlikely that space will become available. No new material will be accepted as a part of the waitlist process–rest assured that your application is strong and we simply did not have enough space at the time of extending initial offers.
What We're Looking For

McIntire's vision of developing global citizens who can transform commerce and society guides the selection of attributes for use in the admissions process. The School believes that future business leaders must develop both a rigorous, real-world skill set and a human-centered mindset, one characterized by empathy, work ethic, agency, accountability, and impact. Thus, McIntire applicants are evaluated based on qualities that speak to their potential in these areas.

It is not expected that every candidate will possess all of these qualities. However, this list reflects qualities that facilitate the enrollment of cohorts that align with the overall mission and learning objectives of McIntire’s programs. As you begin working on your essay responses in your application, keep these qualities in mind with personal experiences you can detail to showcase them:

  • Academic excellence
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Strong work ethic
  • Ability to collaborate
  • Awareness and ability to engage across differences
  • Initiative
  • Resilience and perseverance
  • Unique perspective
Admission Statistics

Our admission statistics are the outcome of our holistic admission review process. Admitted students are academically prepared, highly engaged with co-curricular activities, and have demonstrated intellectual curiosity and emotional intelligence.

Connect With Us

McIntire’s Office of Undergraduate Admission collaborates with prospective B.S. in Commerce students, helping in a variety of ways.

We encourage prospective students to contact us early in the admissions process to take advantage of all of our advising opportunities, including academic advising, information sessions, and other events, or to connect with a student ambassador. 

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