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B.S. in Commerce

Admissions Process for Transfer Students

Transfer students are an integral part of the McIntire community, bringing a wealth of professional and personal experience to the classroom.

Beginning with the fall 2025 application cycle, transfer students may apply during either their freshman or sophomore year while enrolled at another institution and enter McIntire as a second-year or third-year the following fall semester. Transfer students apply via Common Application, with an application deadline of March 1. Students who have taken more than 48 transferable credits (including the courses in your spring 2025 semester) apply to McIntire as an incoming third-year student. Students who have taken between 24 and 48 transferable credits should select the second-year application instead. Because of our curriculum schedule, we admit students only for a fall semester start. 

Application Dates 

The UVA Office of Undergraduate Admission manages all facets of the transfer admission application process. Prospective students should follow all dates and deadlines outlined by that office for admission to the McIntire School.

It is important to note that transferring to McIntire is a direct-admit process, which means that admission to UVA is contingent upon being offered admission to McIntire.

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Admissions Statistics

Our admission statistics are the outcome of our holistic admission review process. Admitted transfer students have completed or are in the process of completing the necessary courses, earned 54-60 credits at their current institution prior to enrolling, and demonstrated competitive academic performance and active co-curricular engagement.

Application Process

Students who are not currently enrolled at UVA apply to McIntire using the University's Common Application. You will indicate that you are applying as a transfer student and that McIntire is your intended school of enrollment. Visit UVA's Undergraduate Admission site for more information. 

Funding Your Degree

We are committed to helping students with demonstrated need navigate the increasing costs of higher education. There are numerous financial resources available to students, including University financial aid and scholarships.

Transfer Credits

You may use the College of Arts & Sciences' Transfer Credit Equivalencies to identify comparable courses at your current institution. In addition to the prerequisites, McIntire faculty will expect you to be proficient in several basic coding concepts.

Standardized tests are not required for applicants; however, it is recommended that non-native English speakers take the TOEFL or IELTS to be competitive for admission.

Eligibility and Prerequisites

Students are eligible to apply and enroll into McIntire as entering second-year students (24-48 credit hours required) or entering third-year students (more than 48 credit hours required). The required prerequisite courses differ between the two timelines:

Incoming Second-Year Students

  • First Writing Requirement* (3-6 credits, 1-2 courses)
  • Principles of Economics (3 credits, 1 course): Microeconomics
  • Introduction to Business (3 credits, 1 course): Introduction to Business

Further recommendations: Take a full-time broad liberal arts course curriculum, and begin or finish Foreign Language coursework.

Incoming Third-Year Students

  • Elementary Accounting (6 credits, 2 courses): Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • Principles of Economics (6 credits, 2 courses): Microeconomics and Macroeconomics
  • First Writing Requirement* (3-6 credits, 1-2 courses)
  • Mathematics (6 credits, two courses): 1 course in Statistics (descriptive and inferential) and 1 course in Calculus  
  • Humanities* (6 credits, 2 courses)
  • World Languages* (varies): Demonstrated proficiency equal to the intermediate-level of college instruction (the 2020 level)
  • Introduction to Business (3 credits, 1 course): Introduction to Business

*First Writing Requirement, Humanities, and World Language as defined in this Record, College of Arts & Sciences section, Area Requirements section.

A Holistic Admissions Process

McIntire students are driven to be the best at what they do. They are high achievers and dynamic team players committed to achieving success and shaping the future together. They are forward thinking, with the dedication to continuous development of the hard and soft skills necessary to excel in myriad fields. They are ethically minded; their actions and decisions are governed by a deep sense of honor and responsibility, and they are unafraid to challenge each other and the status quo.

Our holistic admissions process allows us to create a class that will carry this legacy forward year after year. When reviewing application materials, we look at traditional empirical measures of academic achievement, but we also look for things that indicate a diversity of backgrounds and experiences, emotional intelligence, community engagement, and intellectual curiosity.

A Commitment to Virginia's Community Colleges

We are committed to admitting qualified students from Virginia's community colleges. In a typical year, more than half of our incoming transfer students are from the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). If you are currently enrolled in VCCS schools, you are welcome to apply after one year of study as an incoming second-year student or after two or more years as an incoming third-year student (as detailed above). Please be aware there is no VCCS Guaranteed Transfer Agreement for the McIntire School of Commerce.  

For students applying as incoming third-year students, consult the following table for all requirements. For students applying as incoming second-year students, ENG 111/112, ECO 202, and BUS 100 are the only prerequisite requirements (though you are welcome to pursue other courses listed as well).  

UVA Course VCCS Equivalent
COMM 1800* BUS 100
COMM 2010
COMM 2020
ACC 211
ACC 212
ECON 2010
ECON 2020
ECO 202
ECO 201
STAT 2120 MTH 245 or MTH 246 or BUS 222 or BUS 224
MATH 1210 or MATH 1310 MTH 173, 174, 175, 176, 261, 262, 263, 264, 270, 271, 272
ENWR 1505/1506 or ENWR 1507/1508 ENG 111 and 112
Humanities (6 credits) As defined by the College of Arts & Sciences
World Language through 2020 level*** As defined by the College of Arts & Sciences

* Generally, an Introduction to Business course will be accepted as meeting the requirement.

Use the College of Arts & Sciences' Transfer Credit Equivalencies to see how other courses may transfer. Please note that this reflects only the courses previous students have transferred in and is not comprehensive.

Connect With Us

McIntire’s Office of Undergraduate Admission collaborates with prospective B.S. in Commerce students, helping in a variety of ways.

We encourage prospective students to contact us early in the admissions process to take advantage of all of our advising opportunities, including academic advising, information sessions, and other events, or to connect with a student ambassador. 

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