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Center for Investors and Financial Markets

Educational Initiatives

McIntire’s collaborative, experiential approach to refining our highly regarded finance programs is the result of a longstanding and rigorous commitment. As we prepare our students for future success in global markets, we ensure that our curriculum cultivates finance leaders and investors who contribute to the greater good across multiple industries.


With a dedicated team invested in producing new programs and keeping curriculum frequently updated, CIFM faculty devise courses and programs that blend academic theory and empirical evidence with strong practice and professional interaction.

Currently, the Center team is developing:

  • Principles of Finance: A second-year course for all potential McIntire students that blends the tools of financial economics with current institutional knowledge

  • Macro Finance: A fourth-year course that emphasizes the importance of economic models in conjunction with recent developments in fintech and big data

  • Evaluating Managers and Strategies: A fourth-year course exploring the skills necessary to evaluate the performance of fund managers and investment strategies

Featured Topics

Alternative Investments

A vital segment of the active asset management industry, alternative investments such as private equity, venture capital, and real estate offer many career paths for McIntire students interested in this dynamic and increasingly significant subject.

Real Estate

This challenging field, which relies on investment and development perspectives, also requires knowledge of disciplines ranging from architecture, urban planning, economics, law, and other areas. The Center is an active participant in McIntire’s current pan-University programmatic initiatives in real estate.


Disruptive innovation is changing the financial services industry each day; as digital payment, cryptocurrency, open banking, personal finance tools, and other disruptive growth drivers proliferate, firms and investors must be ready with fresh approaches.


"My McIntire Finance professors taught me a lot about how markets work, how firms and market participants interact, and how information flows through financial markets. Having access to professors with such in-depth knowledge of their fields has shaped my thinking. My favorite aspect of McIntire is that the professors enjoy engaging in difficult questions in and out of the classroom. So many of the research ideas I’ve had—and continue to have—come directly from conversations I’ve had with faculty."

Aditya Chaudhry (McIntire '18)

University of Chicago Booth School of Business Ph.D. candidate